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About us
Airvoice is committed to providing innovative growth for ourselves and our clients, through our personal interaction and passion that is constantly reinforced by a professional ethic and mindset, eventually creating value for all those we touch, in India and abroad. Our business vision is to be a globally respected conglomerate that provides the best in its class business solutions in the various fields that we operate, leveraging expertise and technology to the best of our ability. We take pride in building and nurturing strategic long-term client relationships.
  We are a group dealing in a diverse fields with only one aim. Striving towards the best. From management to production. From conservation of natural resources and getting maximum productivity out of them to taking the aviation industry
to a new level... We aim for a better future for our clients and for us.
  With a team of more than 150 personnel strongly supported by our talented team of Directors, Planners and Senior Managers, our versatility is the driving force. We have developed an intelligent, energetic, and a "can-do" attitude in our business. We look forward and love the challenge to better ourselves, further develop and reach new milestones.
Delhi, Gurgaon (India), Malaysia, U.S, Europe
Sanjay Kapoor, Chairman and Managing Director
Sanjay Kapoor is a highly respected entrepreneur worldwide, recognized by various governments in working towards benefit of mankind. The motto of company is based on how humanity can be benefited around the globe. He is involved in path breaking technologies and sensitive technologies benefitting the human race for security reasons due to which as a compulsion he is forced to always move in security cover (fleet of commandos).
Under his dynamic leadership, the organization has grown many folds in various countries
Privately Owned
Airvoice has a strong foundation in several verticals of business. Our group offerings span global tele-solutions, business and technology consulting, global networking, oil & natural gas, petrochemicals, systems integration, business process outsourcing, power trading, mega-power solutions, clean energy, (solar, wind, hydro, biomass), renewable energy, green energy, energy consulting, aviation and infra-development. Each of our ventures operates independently.
We are in the process of creating an advanced infrastructure which will be able to cater to your every need any where any time. Our  vision encompasses to become a complete service provider in the GSM Technology which will be state of the art equipment operated by the highly trained staff. We are also targeting the new technology of 3G for our customers. Our customers’ service back up will cater to your every need and provide immediate solution to your every problem in the Cellular telecommunication field. Our team is capable of providing any technical service required on site.
  We will also offer advertising and networking services to our corporate clients so that they can target the right audience at the right time. We will also offer services like SMS, Internet gateway, Video conferencing, Caller Tunes, Ringtones, Music, Videos, Download Gallery, One to One Communication, 24 x 7 Customer Support. With the entire infrastructure ready to use,we are in the final stages of acquiring the GSM Licence and 3G Licence from the Ministry of Telecom, Govt. of India and starting our services to end users.
We have recently partnered with LGS Global and together we work with various state/central govt. offices, businesses and organizations. Our combined expertise around e-Business solutions, upgrades, business process improvement,Business Intelligence & Datawarehouse, ERP implementations and application management has established us as a leading I.T. Solutions provider and are currently working with various state/central govt. offices, businesses and organizations. We are in the process of implementing new schemes conceived and conceptualized by us in several States in India. We have an excellent back end technology support structure in place and bring in value from strategic partnerships with the best of technology, product and solution providers.
We have aimed to developmore efficient technology to utilize the oil and natural gas reserves of India and minimize the wastage of such important resources.We take great care to minimize the possibilities of any accidents happening in our projects.The staff is provided with the best safety equipment.There is a separate team looking after this aspect on our projects. We also work with the regulatory authority and the other government department to ensure the smooth flow of work. All formalities (legal, business ethics, procedures) are followed to the point so that there is no flaw in the work we do. Our staff is provided with the most advanced training which enables them to do their job in the most efficient and safe way. We are committed to maintain the most optimized standards of our output.
Airvoicegroup Petrochemical Pvt. Ltd., aims to be a efficient, profitable and customer focused organization, recognized as a leading supplier of petrochemicals. We have a strong dedication to achieve customer satisfaction, deliver value to our share holders, be demanding yet caring and focused on our employees and be courteous and fair to our suppliers and vendors. We are totally committed to deliver quality products and services by constantly striving towards improvement of skills, knowledge, technology, processes and involvement of all employees and business associates.
We are a company whose prime focus and main agenda is trading in power, facilitating PPA for our clients and operating all over India for buying and selling of power.
  Our effectiveness results fromaccess to the latest developments in information technology, market intelligence, a strong financial standing and creating a unique relationship with buyers and sellers.
  Some of our main objectives is to undertake the business of purchase of all forms of power, generated both from conventional and non-conventional energy from any sources whether government, private, public or joint sector under takings. The objectives also include to promote, plan, develop, promote, and establish an efficient and reliable power trading system.We have the necessary skills, manpower, management and experience to handle and manage power trading operations in India.
With its Megapower Private Limited, Airvoice is engaged in Power generation infrastructure development. It is also in the business of taking annual operation and maintenance of power plants. The company is undertaking new or existing power projects for the aim of enhancing the capacity of the country's power generation ability. It is
also envisioned to provide the existing infrastructure of power generation with the latest energy efficient and modernized technology so that the output of these existing Plants is made most efficient with minimum impact on the environment.
   Today's world has witnessed the impact of the carbon footprint, sowe aim to undertake our business by concentrating all our efforts tomake the environment as safe as possible for the coming generations.
   Since the power demand is continuously on the rise, there is a need to keep investing and increasing the power generation capacity of our country. There are various technologies available for power generation like nuclear power plant, Hydro Power plant, Steam Power Plant, Geo-thermal Power Plant, Gas power Plant, Wind Power Plant,Coal Power Plant, Fossil fuel power Plant.
   We have set up a team of experienced people for consultancy, designing, engineering and implementation for each stage of the process, to make the projects undertaken by us a success with the most efficient equipment and technology. We also have a dedicated task force to maintain and operate these projects. We are in the process of acquiring projects in the states of  Arunachal Pradesh, Sikkim, Uttaranchal, Chattisgarh, Gujarat and Andhra Pradesh. Our main focus is Hydro Thermal Gas based projects.
The company is actively seeking to make large treads in the renewable and clean energy sector with in the country. In today’s scenario harness harnessing the energy using a technology which has minimum impact on the environment is of utmost importance. There is a need to weed out the Ozone Depleting Substances and side by side implement green technologies to provide the coming generations with a healthy environment to live in. Since these are upcoming technologies and there is continuous development in them to make them more efficient and greener, experts are required. These experts need to be up to date in the latest developments and also in the upcoming technologies in order to provide the best consultancy for our clients. We have access to the state of the art tools, which are useful for accessing the power requirements. These helps in forecasting the future demand for energy and thus enable our clients to prepare for the same. They can then look upon their system efficiencies and work on the requirements by enhancing the capacity of their plants. With our services, the client benefits in thisway andwe also contribute tomaking a impact on the greenhouse gas emissions.
  We provide support to our clients in the fields of renewable energy, Carbon Credits, Carbon Financing, Training, operation & maintenance, Up gradation, waste management etc. We are in the business of providing consultancy for Energy Projects mainly power plants.
 Apart from this, the Airvoice has also announced large investments in the solar, wind and other energy sectors. Its investments include The Group has announced the World’s largest Solar Power Project in Karnataka, project in the Clean Energy Sector, in the State of Rajasthan.
By the year 2020, our Indian airports are expected to handle and manage more than 100 million fliers including 50 to 60 million domestic passengers and around 3 million tonnes of cargo per year. India ranks 4th after the US, China and Japan in terms of domestic passenger volume. The domestic aviation sector is expected to grow at a rate of approximately 10% to clock a level ofmore than 150 million passengers by 2020.
  Airvoice Aviations Pvt. Ltd., is in the process of starting the largest fleet of aircrafts under one company. Will be no.1 in small aircrafts in India. We are presently dealing in aviation consultancy, buying, selling and rental of aircrafts. Our philosophy is to provide you with a superior and quality experience. We soon plan to maintain the most flexible Aviation services and availability programs in the industry.
Some of the services we offer include:
  • Conducting market studies in new aviation products and services
  • Feasibility studies
  • Consulting in Strategic planning
  • Aircraft Acquisition
  • Evaluating and quantifying travel needs of corporations to provide the information and tols needed to make solid decisions regarding corporate aircraft
  • Developing comprehensive business plans for aviation businesses
  • Providing aviation advisory services to corporate and financial institutions
  • Buying and selling of aircrafts
  • Rentals
  • Aviation Time Share
  Our myriad range of aviation services focus primarily on the business aspects of aviation and deal with developing business plans and undertaking market assessments, feasibility studies and strategic planning. Our team can work with both existing aviation businesses and those in the early stages of startup, tailoring each project to focus and meet the objectives and specific needs of the client.
Projects in space with collaboration with NASA scientists