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About us
Agiliq builds amazing web and mobile apps for their clients. They use modern technologies to build high performance apps.

Agiliq was established in 2009 and has grown by 50% year on year since then. They believe that the high calibre of the team and the quality of clients they work with have allowed them to grow at this fast rate and they hope to continue growing both in revenue and team size and want to become a $5 Million by 2018.

They use Python and Django extensively and are consistent open source contributors. (Their contributions can viewed at http://github.com/agiliq). They are looking to hire the best Python developers to build the next generation of web and mobile apps. Please check http://agiliq.com/blog/jobs/ to check if you fit the profile. They also blog regularly regarding their work at http://agiliq.com/blog/ .
Jude Ramayya
Year of Founding:
NxtGenTv, LLC owners of Netconference.com And many more.
Shabda Raaj, Director
Shabda is developer and director Agiliq. He loves everything about the web and the mobile revolution and loves playing a part in making it better everyday. Before starting Agiliq, Shabda worked at Oracle India.

Shabda graduated from Birla Institute of Technology, Ranchi in 2006. His interests include Technology, web, programming, and reading science fiction. When he is not in front of his computer he can be found spending time with his kid or reading a book on his kindle.

Shabda’s Favorite quote: The best way to predict the future is to invent it.
Employee Count: 15
Time line/ Road Map
  • Started: Mar 2009
  • Profitable from Aug 2009
  • Revenues 2009-2010: 50 Lac
  • Revenues 2010-2011: 80 Lac
  • Revenues 2011-2012: 1.2 Crore
  • Revenues 2010-2011: 80 Lac
  • Recently we have launched a product for bloggers to convert blogs to native apps. IN 5 years we are targeting to be $5Million company.
#302, Siri Sampada Appts,
Above HDFC Bank. Near Madhapur Police Station, Kavuri Hills. Hyderabad,
Agiliq has been bootstrapped all along. Agiliq started in 2009 with a investment by founders of Rs 10 Lac. In FY 2011-2012 Agiliq had revenues of Rs 1.2 crores.
Mobile App development is a fairly fragmented market so we have many competitors, but none which are a direct competitor.
Services Offerings:
  • Agiliq does custom web application development using modern tool, such as Python, Django and NoSql.
  • Agiliq does custom mobile application development using HTML5 tools such as Sencha, backbone.js, jQuery mobile and more.
  • Recently they have launched a product to convert blogs to native apps.
The primary verticals in which Agiliq works are:
  • Payment gateways and payment processing: Paypal, Authorize.net and more
  • Third party APIs: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and others.
  • Databases backed sites using heterogeneous technologies.
  • SAAS Application with recurring billing.
  • APIs for consumption by other sites and mobile apps.
Differentiating Factors
Agiliq is a very technology driven company. Among their team of 15, everyone is either a developer or a designer. They are big proponents of open source and their team contributes heavily to it. This has allowed the company to build a very unique technology driven culture which results in high quality work. They don’t have any sales overhead and They can pass that on to the clients. They say that their clients love them for it.
Revenue Model
We provide professional software development services and charge a fair price for it. Its not a very sexy revenue model, but this one which everyone understands.