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About us
Aankhen provides innovative cloud based on-demand solutions and new real-time data sources for building next generation physical and financial supply chains delivering immediate ROI on first use. Next generation physical supply chains require security, monitoring and real-time visibility to movement of goods in-transit across global supply chain networks. The company enables supply chains to be managed proactively with physical security, real-time visibility, analytics and intelligence. Unique Shouldbe Cost® based financial supply chain management solutions from Aankhen provide real-time cost computations required to make fact based buy decisions.
Subhash Chowdary
Subhash foundedAankhen with a vision to build better , faster and smarter supply chains. Before becoming an entrepreneur he was the Chief Architect at Apple and a co-author of the VITAL architecture pioneering portals, data warehousing and web services in the industry. His first entrepreneurial venture was VIT/SeeCommerce as the Founder, Chairman and CEOpioneering the commercial deployment of KPIs using portals, data warehouses and web services across industries and world wide enterprises. He graduated from IIT Madras in Mechanical Engineering, MS Industrial Management and MS Computer Science from University of Texas.
Aankhen's worldwide customers range from large to small enterprises across industries. These include enterprises, 3PLs, logistics services, agro industry, and security services.
Bigdada™ is a cloud based on-demand solution for real-time monitoring and security of closed-loop logistics for import or export of goods and bulk cargo (food grains, conflict minerals).

SeeTrak® is a cloud based on-demand real-time supply chain visibility and analytics solution for monitoring the movement of goods and their environmental integrity.

Shouldbe Cost® is an innovative financial supply chain visibility solution computing what the total cost should be enabling buyers and decision makers to make informed buy decisions and delivering immediate savings on first use.
Supply Chain Visibility:
SeeTrak delivers the most comprehensive range of real-time supply chain visibility data and intelligence in the supply chain and cold chain logistics industry using asset tracking technologies.

SeeTrak services are used across industries by organizations such as 3PLs, Freight Forwarders, Enterprises and Revenue Authorities.
Innovation with rapid risk free implementation. We have a track record for building breakthrough Supply Chain 2.0 solutions, delivering high value using our technology with worldwide deployments in the most advanced enterprises, considered leaders in their industries.
Flexible pricing, Subscriptions, Enterprise licenses, Custom design, development and deployment services.
We envision our solutions:
  • enabling high growth economies such as India, Africa, South America, Mexico, using the latest technologies to realize significant supply chain benefits, value and security at an affordable cost
  • solving supply chain challenges unique to emerging economies and developing reliable retail and food chains
  • improving the food supply chain cycles in the agro industry starting with ploughing of farms to export of harvested produce increasing productivity, reducing theft and spoilage