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TOP 5 Web Hosting Companies in India
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TOP 5 Web Hosting Companies in India 2015
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IBEE Hosting

IBEE Hosting

About the Company

IBEE Hosting is a part of XBT Holding and started its journey in 2005. IBEE Hosting is created with a vision to satisfy the growing demand for quality hosting solutions. The experience IBEE has gathered throughout the years, catering to different industries, made us realize one very important feature of how hosting is delivered. Practicality is, at this point, an underestimated factor influencing the customers. As of now, the company is among the premium Web Hosting Companies, flourishing with its own Tier IV Datacenter in Hyderabad, India.

Market Landscape

IBEE is currently eyeing on the solutions for revolutionizing the hosting experiences for the small and medium scale business units in the current marketplace since everyone is marking its presence on the Internet. Many web hosting companies including the market players are superfluously making the use of ‘FREE’ phrase to attract the prospects. They are only leaving out resentment among the customers in terms of services rendered and not delivering end to end solutions. Still the small and the medium businesses are in search of scalable and affordable hosting solutions with fully engineered support to deal with the technical intricacies for holding their applications on the servers. This market is still untapped bewildering the huge potential for the web Hosting Companies.


There are the major challenges prevailing which can be foreseen in the market. The consumer wants convenience, comfort, choice, productivity and energy at an affordable price. Meeting up the expectations of the clients and providing them the solutions in the way they want it is of utmost importance.


IBEE offers enterprise, Dedicated and Cloud Solutions and allied services. They cater specific needs of the web developers, E-Commerce, Gaming, IT Industry and StartUps with their extensible array of plans and support. With the development of the platform, IBEE will introduce CDN, Domains and SSL certificates, DNS hosting, firewalls and load balancers, intelligent hosting and more.       

Differentiating Factors

IBEE differentiates themselves from the other players in the market on their service base. They cater on the self-service model that emphasizes on the Proactive support to manage the servers for their clients. The company believes in rendering the quality services through addressing all the major concerns of their clients and has a specialized approach to each one of them. Not only this, IBEE does not leave their customers at hosting level but help them in achieving success in their projects by giving suggestions and best practices in making their applications successful in terms of marketing, coding, performance and experience.


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Organizational Structure & Employee Programs


It’s really the people that make IBEE the kind of company it is. The company is not too formal or hierarchical and has a more results-driven approach. They strive to maintain the open culture often associated with startups, in which everyone is a hands-on contributor and feels comfortable sharing ideas and opinions. IBEE provide their employees with a world-class environment that promotes innovation, productivity and desired work/life balance. Their employee-friendly HR policies are customized for each situation. A flexible work culture, access to the latest productivity tools, training and resources and a comprehensive family life, medical and dental insurance program are some of these initiatives.


Harboring Innovation


IBEE harbors innovation among their teams through brainstorming sessions, knowledge sharing sessions, troubleshooting problems in the shortest way through case studies, giving them the platform to express and learn through various conferences and webinars. Their learning and development initiatives are tailored to help employees acquire deep domain expertise and engineering excellence. Fostering leadership is at the core of a benchmarking program which identifies and nurtures top technology talent with leadership potential.

Global Strategy

The company believes there is huge market potential among the SMBs in India. Still there is a huge number of SMBs who are still striving for the marking their presence on the Internet. IBEE’s current service area is SMBs in India. As far as embarking their presence globally, the company is in planning stage with their subsidiaries companies (, in developing CDN, Domains and SSL certificates, DNS hosting, firewalls and load balancers, intelligent hosting and more. They are also into delivering these solutions across the globe backed up by the datacenters in five countries.

Quick Facts

) Year of founding: 2006

2) Funding information: XBT Holding

3) Founding members: Betrand Yella

4) Office locations: Hyderabad, India

5) Company strength: 35-50

6) Website: