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Securens Systems Pvt. Ltd.

Securens Systems Pvt. Ltd.

About the Company

Securens Systems Pvt. Ltd is an enterprise Internet of Things (IoT) company which has continued to be the largest provider of Electronic Surveillance (E-Surveillance) services in India. The company offers distinctive Monitored Intrusion Alarm Solutions to meet the needs of high value asset protection of its clients. Securens solutions are centred on proactive ways of preventing a crime. ‘Active Deterrence’ is the motto of the company.

Securens’ Unique Active Monitoring Services reduce crime and property damage by integrating the latest alarm technology with onsite surveillance systems, thus enabling the use of powerful Video Verification and 2-Way Voice systems to actively deter a crime incident. The company provides E-Surveillance solutions to leading Indian PSU Banks, Private and Multinational Banks, ATMs, Cash Vans, Retail Outlets, Warehouses, School Premises & Buses, Commissaries, Cooperative Societies, Logistic Vans, Currency Chests, Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs), Gems and Jewellery and Health & Beauty. Internationally, Securens has implemented its highly successful Active Deterrence Solution integrated with TMD's Anti-Skimming product in Indonesia, thereby protecting it not only from burglary, but skimming too.

With a state-of-the-art monitoring centre at Navi Mumbai, Securens maintains vigilance of 14,000+ sites in India. With a suite of customised, unique and result-driven offerings, the company is the preferred Surveillance partner to banks and retailers. Certified by CSAA, Securens is all about protecting assets and information.

Current Market Landscape

The E-Surveillance industry is in its nascent stage. Security in India has been mostly ensured with the help of security guards, they were cheap and readily available. But in recent times, crimes have become sophisticated and the quality of guards is dismissal.  The main concerns raised by many CSOs during  multiple interactions with Securens team were that security guards were neither reliable nor credible to secure assets. Cost of securing assets are increasing, the volumes are increasing with phenomenal growth of India’s middle class, and businesses have become fiercely competitive. So a technology-based alternative to security guards which is not only credible and reliable, but also comes at 1/4th the cost of Security Guards, is an overwhelming benefit to every organisation.  It’s the writing on the wall that E-Surveillance will surge ahead, as compared to manned guarding. 

Addressing the Challenges

Securens being an IoT company relies heavily on mobile network coverage. The challenge is implementing in class C & D cities where mobile networks are weak. The company is adopting 4G wherever it is available and using dual SIM technology in other places. Securens is also experimenting with alternate communication technologies like FOG,  which was successfully tested in the lab.

The second challenge is availability of power in Class C & D cities. The company is overcoming this challenge by designing self-sustained solar power equipment for E-Surveillance.


Active Deterrence –Securens not only detects burglary as it is happens in real time, but also prevents it from happening by using Video Verification and 2-Way Audio systems.

  • Health Check-Up – Securens checks the health of all Surveillance devices twice a day, every day.
  • Hygiene Check – Securens checks the SOP of a retail outlet twice a day, every day.
  • Pilferage Check – Securens checks for pilferages at warehouses and large stores through online LIVE monitoring.
  • Energy Management – Securens  helps to monitor, manage and optimise energy consumption.
  • Network Management – Securens designs, installs and manages your network across geographies in India.

Differentiating Factors

Reliability: Securens have been consistently deterring all attempted crimes till date.

Credibility: Securens have customers, large and small who have consistently given repeat orders.

Scalability: Securens is the only company that can install 1200 + units a month.


Banking:  ICICI Bank, Axis Bank, HDFC Bank, State Bank of India, Punjab National Bank, amongst ten other banks.

Retail: Dominos, Beer Cafe, Box 8, Aramex, Delhivery

Organizational Culture

Securens is like a ‘The Deck of Cards’, a multitude of very young people in different roles, coming from different parts of India, learning together, making friends and working together to achieve its vision - “To be India's most valued E-Surveillance Company by 2020, by being the best-in-class in terms of market share, consumer value, customer service, shareholder value, employee talent and employee satisfaction with consistent profitable growth.”

It is the team that make Securens an extraordinary place. The HR team does a superlative job of attracting, nurturing and championing high-performing, high-potential and highly engaged team called Securens.

In 2015, the Human Resources Department helped to unleash a culture and environment of high engagement, learning, innovation, creativity, communication and togetherness. Securens have given job opportunities to the youth across the remotest parts of India through the innovative use of video interviews, thus easing candidate experience. Through video interviews, a candidate could give an interview from anywhere at a price of Rs. 50 for internet usage. So far, the company has interviewed 400+ candidates. Securens clocked 100+ hrs of skill training in 2015 through its hands on learning approach in its in-house school ‘Pathshala’.

Securens’ in-house CSR team had organised relief resources for those who suffered during Nepal Earthquake & Chennai Flood Disasters.

For a company that is just four years old and employee strength of 520+ people, Securens is truly creating a work place which has a culture of exponential learning and growth, human warmth and an environment of friendship and which encourages to be oneself.

Harbouring Innovation

Securens drives innovation through its new idea generation initiative. This initiative drives idea generation across the organisation. Each business/work environment idea is executed swiftly, rewarded and facilitated. So far, the company has generated 100+ ideas in just one year.

Go-to-Market Plans

Securens will be focusing on B2B segment in India, with a target on retail industry this year. The company would be starting a channel program with the distributors of CCTVs and DVRs. It also plans to partner with companies in Gulf Cooperation Council and provide monitoring operations. In this financial year, Securens plans to add another 25,000 sites to its business. It has PAN India operations with presence in 18 states covering the length and breadth of this country.

Quick Facts

1) Year of founding: December 2011.

2) Founding members: Mr. Sunil R. Udupa, Chairman and Managing Director & Mr. Srinivas Popuri, Director.

3) Office locations: Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Bhopal, Bhubaneshwar, Chennai, Dehradun, Delhi, Ernakulum, Guwahati, Hyderabad, Jaipur,  Jammu, Kolkata, Lucknow, Patna, Pune, Ranchi.

4) Company strength: 520 + employees.