Vmak Research & Services: A Trusted Partner in the Market Research space

In recent times, markets are no more local. They have become global along with making the competition equally tough. Now the most important task a marketer finds is to get the right product at the right place, with the right price to the right person. Besides, it is also necessary to go back and find whether the consumer is reaching optimum satisfaction. In context to this, Data Collection has emerged to be one of the most crucial components in Market Research. Regardless of the extensive field of study or preference for defining data, accurate data collection has become essential to maintain the integrity of research. Observing that the market has become more of a customer-centric approach and the need for the companies to get the insights of the new market opportunities, Vmak Research & Services Pvt. Ltd came into existence.

Established in 2008 with a view to help the companies in data collection process, Vmak Research & Services endeavours to be one of the top data collection firms in the country. Explicating on this Mohinder Sharma, CEO, Vmak Research & Services, LLC says,
“Understanding the core essence of data collection in order to get the insights of the nature of competition & customer needs, we through our platform play a vital role in the decision-making process by supplying relevant, up-to-date and accurate data to the decision-makers.”

Vmak Research & Services covers more than 90 countries with strong language capabilities in 55+ foreign and Indian regional languages

An Array of Qualitative & Quantitative Offerings

Institutionalized as a full-service Market Research agency that specializes in Technology spaces, Telecom, Consumer Products, Media and Healthcare, Vmak offers an array of services starting right from designing of a questionnaire to end deliverables. As a one stop shop solution that provides qualitative & quantitative research services, Vmak Research & Services also caters CATI & CAWI (computer aided telephonic and web interview),Telephonic in-depth interviews and online panel services. Additionally,the company provides services that include survey programming, hosting, Data processing, translation, and analytics by covering the entire gamut of end-to-end market research services in a cost effective manner.“Combining our client-focused approach with robust
project management we try to extend a unique experience to our clients. We also strive to deliver legitimate market information to our clients along with industry and market estimates,” speaks Mohinder.

Claiming that the selection of right methodology & data quality are the top challenges in data collection, Vmak follows a professional approach through feasibility check and strict guidelines to overcome them. Orchestrating skill enhancement program on a monthly basis, the in-house training programs comprises of voice and accent, telephone ethics, market research fundamentals, analytics & others.

Striving to be a Popular MR Firm Worldwide

Headquartered in Noida with an office in Chicago, Vmak Research currently has emerged as a strong and reliable partner for boutique research agencies, consulting firms & market research giants. The company covers more than 90 countries and has strong language capabilities in 55+ foreign and Indian regional languages. With a team of 150 employees having rich expertise in domestic & international market research and knowledge management processes, Vmak sights to be one of those few data collection firms that offer a vast range of services across the globe. The clientele of Vmak includes Fortune 500 Market Research & Consulting companies. Explaining on its future prospects, Mohinder concludes, “Our vision is to be the most recognized data collection firm in the emerging MR space and continue to be a trusted partner that the clients can count upon.”