VisionSoft Global: Seamless Migration to SAP S/4 HANA

Anji Reddy, CEO

“The world is flat with VisionSoft, we offer products and risk-free services that provide compelling value to the client to migrate to S/4 HANA platform,” says Anji G Reddy, CEO of VisionSoft Global.

While the importance of S/4 HANA cloud platform gains impetus in the market, clients most often are riddled with the confusion regarding how to leverage this platform. Amidst this growing confusion, Princeton based VisionSoft acts as a navigator to guide businesses through the capabilities and functionalities of S/4 HANA platform. VisionSoft was founded in 2007 to address key enterprise-technology challenges triggered by the changing dynamics of digitization and cloudification. With a strict focus on cloud, and exclusively on S/4 HANA platform, VisionSoft provides solutions to help its clients migrate smoothly into the S/4 HANA cloud platform.

Haneya®, the firm’s flagship product completes the entire migration to S/4 HANA platform within optimal cost and time constraints.
Conceived in 2016, Haneya was created to understand a client’s requirement while making it compatible with S/4 HANA platform. Haneya® ensures a smooth change management for companies across the globe. leveraging robotic artificial intelligence to address the key challenges in the migration process. It functions by With Haneya, businesses gain the ability to migrate from the current environment to S/4 HANA platform at ease. The product offers a range of functionalities from assessing the scope of operation to ensuring that migration is compatible with S/4 HANA platform. Besides, Haneya completes the remediation process to fix the significant changes that occurred with S/4 HANA platform. Available as on-premise and cloud versions, VisionSoft’s Haneya segments the Business Process Confguration to help clients complete the migration process via Guided Configuration.

With Haneya, businesses gain the ability to migrate from their current environment to S/4 HANA platform at ease

The migration process for clients at VisionSoft begins with building a compelling business case that adds value to the organization. Once the business case is approved, VisionSoft’s Haneya® then automates the upgrading process with enhancement pack7 (EhP7). EhP7 is a pre-requsite to migration to S/4 HANA.
The firm then develops solutions to automate the security and migrates the client’s current environment to S/4 HANA platform. “Digitization and ‘cloudification,’” Reddy says, “are the key processes that automate the Haneya process in VisionSoft.”

In one instance cited by Reddy, Global pharma company leveraged VisionSoft’s Haneya® and upgraded its infrastructure to SoH ( Suite on HANA)platform within a matter of 3 months. The team at VisonSoft helped this client with its roadmap, estimates, sizing, scoping, infrastructure, and transformed the client’s database by assisting them to leverage IoT. Currently, VisionSoft is devising solutions to transform and enhance the client’s Customer, supply chain functions and Finance fucntions to S/4 HANA.

Reddy notes that the significant and valuable partnership with SAP and its Eco System has provided them the ‘first mover’s advantage’. This, in turn, has given VisionSoft the capability to bring in the latest improvements into its product. Including the HANA platform as a part of its services, VisionSoft works in collaboration with SAP to bring to its clients the best of S/4 HANA cloud platform and Haneya. “If SAP succeeds, we succeed, and we believe that SAP is crucial for our success and the next two decades, I believe is going to experience a global change in this field,” concludes Reddy.