Varenya Softech: Expert ERP Partner to Drive Business Productivity

Every industry today has been impacted by the digital wave that has caused immense growth and helped organizations find newer ways of differentiating themselves from the crowd. In this new industrial revolution, traditional boundaries between the requirements in different industries are becoming weaker, and there is an increase in the need for enterprises to create different revenue streams, enhance their customer engagement methodology, eventually leading to better operational efficiency. The changing market dynamics have pushed businesses to include “reimagining business models” to the top of their agendas. Varenya Softech— with its expertise in solving complex issues around enterprise operations in diverse industries—stands as a leading digital solutions company that serves enterprises of all sizes, across multiple sectors, providing them with highly customized business technology solutions and managed services.

A fusion of insight, innovation, and in-depth knowledge of cutting-edge technologies is what Varenya offers, through their technology products and consulting services. Backed by its technical skills and proficient methodologies, Varenya becomes the ideal partner for organizations, and the company aims at deploying solutions at reduced costs and deployment risks.

With the cornerstone of its digital services in creating emotionally empathetic experiences (E3), Varenya offers tangible business value through an exceptional end customer experience helping organizations with business model transformation.
The company is a one-stop-shop for every business need, through its array of services including application development and management, business process, testing, infrastructure management, and even cybersecurity among several others.

Varenya stands as a leading digital solutions company that serves enterprises of all sizes, across multiple sectors, providing them with highly customized business technology solutions and managed services

Given the fact that businesses have unique processes and needs, every one of them today requires technology with business functionalities that can connect every part of the enterprise together and offer better visibility into operations. Varenya’s integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions, enable businesses to operate more effectively and be future-proofed, to help make strategic decisions which can keep them efficient. The company also offers tailor-made ERP tools for educational organizations to bridge the gap in communication among students, parents, teachers, and back-offices.

Maximizer CRM is one of the several products that Varenya offers, wherein the solution provides enterprises with tools to boost sales, fasten the productivity, and add great value to customers.
From organized customer information to automated reporting and marketing campaign monitoring, the system provides it all. The platform also helps manage accounts, collaborate on sales opportunities, direct leads effectively, and give the administration the visibility into the sales pipeline and revenue.

Organizations can be benefitted to attract their website visitors and convert them into sales leads through yet another product of Varenya, the VCRM. The platform groups the visitors of a business’ digital platform, based on their engagement with the website and assigns the details to the respective sales team who can then reach out to the specific leads with complete context. While the system helps build powerful relationships with customers through this feature, it can also create mobile-ready custom forms that could be filled by customers, and forward documents.

The customer-centric solutions allow for Varenya to achieve its aim of facilitating organizations to gain insights into their sales acquisition, markets, supply chain management, web development, online marketing, and human resources among others. With its award-winning IT products, the company serves diverse sectors including travel, media, manufacturing, insurance, and banking. Committed to enabling businesses to achieve their goals, Varenya holds the right expertise and experience to help its clients increase productivity, eventually allowing enterprises to achieve their full potential.