V3iT: IT as a Utility Service

“Our business requires us to be agile as a company in a fast-moving, innovation-driven industry. Therefore, as an IT organization, we must be continuously improving. Our relationship with V3iT helped us rise to this challenge,” reads a testimonial from a client of V3iT, appropriately defining the support the company offers to its clients. Headquartered in Naperville, IL, the company acts as its clients’ strategic partner to plan and execute their IT strategy using agile and scrum approach rather than the traditional approaches. Today, for IT to become a more valuable asset, enterprises need to change the way they look at it, especially when it is gradually becoming commoditized. According to Vandana Padgaonkar, President of V3iT, “IT is slowly turning into a commoditized utility and enterprises of all sizes need a holistic solution instead of piecemeal approach to ensure that their business runs smoothly.” V3iT brings that holistic solution to the market in form of IT as a Utility Service (ITAAUS).

Deepak Padgaonkar, Executive Vice President of Information Technology, V3iT highlights the significance of IT as a Utility Service and enunciates how ITAAUS can radically transform the IT service industry, with clients paying only for specific services.

Once associated with V3iT, enterprises don’t have to worry about any hardware, software, or IaaS as they get a completely automated solution for administrating all the operations

Over the years, V3iT has developed products leveraging various front-end technologies such as blockchain, predictive, and descriptive analytics. The company also brings a complete and comprehensive cloud solution VMEGHA that assures great flexibility to businesses. The offering, built within the ITAR compliance assists enterprises with a full suite of co-location, managed services, and elastic cloud options. Furthermore, the other noteworthy offerings of V3iT include Disaster Recovery as a service (REKOWELL), Pay-As-You- Go option for new SAP customers, and several other automation and transformation products.

One of the other key differentiating factors of the company is that it provides an integrated solution for managing various operations in businesses. Considering the significance of automation in a business today, the company extends a single offering eliminating the need for organizations to connect and follow up with different vendors to keep everything up and running. Once associated with V3iT, enterprises don’t have to worry about any hardware, software, or IaaS as they get a completely automated solution for administrating all the operations.
To continually build robust solutions and retain the loyalty of its customers, the firm has collaborated with many prominent technology companies such as Oracle, Microsoft, VMware, SunGard, and Canon. With these partnerships and gamut of holistic solutions, V3iT has consistently supported its clients in education, manufacturing, public sectors companies, government, federal, and also multinational companies. However, as per Vandana, the company’s focus remains majorly on public sector and manufacturing companies. Quoting an example, Padgaonkar elucidates how V3iT assisted a manufacturing company to attain real-time visibility of various operations in the shop floor. For preventive maintenance, the firm offered a product on SAP HANA that could oversee the complete spectrum of machine failure. With the association, the manufacturing company was able to monitor operations to check where failures are occurring causing downtime in several operations. The product, based on predictive analysis also took live pictures of the machine operations and sent a crew before an accident could actually occur.

Over the years, the firm has created success stories for many of clients with proven methodologies and solutions. In the next five years, the firm intends to go public and create IT as a utility service so that users can instantly “plug it in, turn it on, let it run, and protect it.”