TheCloudPartner: A Trusted and Reliable Partner in Digital Transformation

Jaikumar Lalwani, Co-founder, Huey Chiu (Janet), Co-founder

TheCloudPartner, a boutique consulting firm, is driven by the mission “delivering meaningful work, services from strategy to execution building meaningful relationships resulting in customer success and happy stakeholders (external and internal)”. Its expertise includes digital and change management projects, business process improvement, customer relationship management, enterprise architecture, digital marketing, and e-commerce implementation.

“In our eight years of existence, we’ve not only survived but thrived. Clients keep returning to us due to our genuine care for them and the ability to blend IT expertise and business acumen,” says Jaikumar Lalwani, co-founder of TheCloudPartner. “We maintain transparency in every client relationship and are straightforward about whether digital solutions will benefit them.” TheCloudPartner USP is “Customer focus business savvy IT “Partners”.

A Commitment to Excellence

Lalwani has been a trusted adviser, thought leader, and innovator for over two decades. In his interactions with clients, he noticed a common concern. Despite possessing all the technologies, they did not fully understand them and utilize their potential. As a result, through TheCloudPartner, he enlightens and empowers clients in navigating the complexities of technological integration & standardization for business success. The company exceeds its limits to deliver what it promises and never hesitates to explore unchartered waters.

A testament to this is the upcoming launch of a managed service package and machine learning package. The managed service package caters to varied client needs. For instance, a client with budgetary constraints can leverage this subscription-based approach to access expert consultants in a tailored and cost-effective manner, aligning with their capacity requirements.
Its machine learning package would address the needs of startups, offering end-to-end services, particularly in the realm of AI.

TheCloudPartner caters to a diverse clientele, specializing in three key domains—high-tech, financial, and non-profit sectors. While non-profits typically range from 70 to 80 people, high-tech industries constitute larger stakeholders.

“Anytime we talk to our customers, the aspect of data, data governance and security, and privacy comes up. Although the whole industry knows about these buzzwords, most of them struggle to go in and build these capabilities within an organization,” says Huey Chiu (Janet), Co-founder of TheCloudPartner. “That’s where our proprietary CloudPath methodology comes into the picture, enabling us to reinvent ourselves to better assist clients in building the right cloud strategy.”

A Full-Proof Methodology

TheCloudPath methodology operates on the ABCD foundation—application portfolios, end-to-end business processes, capability evaluation and maturity framework, and data. This framework, overlaid with governance, technology, and security, ensures a hundred percent customer success by strategically driving revenue growth and cost reductions. ABCD was developed as a streamlined and pragmatic alternative to cumbersome enterprise architecture frameworks, emerging from the need for a faster delivery mechanism. It has now become the foundational cornerstone of TheCloudPath methodology.

TheCloudPartner’s client engagement journey is guided by its proprietary methodology, TheCloudWay. It adheres to the crawl, walk, and run strategy, a principle-driven approach to project and program management. The 4-step approach follows the agile principles defining multiple phases with clear deliverables, each encompassing design, build, testing and deployment resulting in an increased return on investment for their clients.
The company’s dedication and excellence in assisting clients can be demonstrated through an instance when a client facing severe challenges with their CRM systems approached it. Applying TheCloudPath methodology, TheCloudPartner assessed the client's application portfolio. It then simplified end-to-end business processes through lean techniques, reducing steps without compromising efficiency.

In our eight years of existence, we’ve not only survived but thrived. Clients keep returning to us due to our genuine care for them and the ability to blend IT expertise and business acumen

The final phase involved optimizing data architecture to address duplicates and ensure a robust foundation. Recognizing the need for a fresh start, the company strategized to build a new platform, adopting a crawl, walk, and run approach to roll out changes across different geographies. It successfully transformed and laid a strong foundation for sustained growth where improved scalability, macroeconomic demands, and revenue boosts were met through the revamped system.

The biggest contributor to TheCloudPartner’s success is its team and an exceptional work environment. Its non- hierarchical approach and inclusive nature of the work foster a collaborative atmosphere where team members, irrespective of their roles, brainstorm together. It also prioritizes equipping its team members with the necessary capabilities to take meaningful actions and become successful in all their endeavors.

TheCloudPartner is on a continuous journey to maintain its footprint as a trusted and go-to consultant for clients. It continues to reinvent itself and embrace emerging technologies for a future where it plays a pivotal role in shaping the digital landscape.