TEK Connexion: A Recruiting and IT Services Game-Changer

Talent recruitment can be quite a treacherous task for HR personnel of large IT organizations, generally due to the requirement of several hundred individuals to ensure seamless execution of various projects. An additional challenge is the temporary employment of individuals with project-specific skills. Staffing complexities have urged large organizations to choose a partner to orchestrate the recruitment exercise based on requirements exclusively. TEK Connexion, a company which helps its clients with Staff augmentation and IT service support, has gained visibility among large enterprises across the US for being a recruitment problem-solver in less than a decade since its inception.

Founded in 2008, the organization has been chosen by more than 40 Fortune 1000 companies belonging to diverse sectors such as financial services, transportation, healthcare, marketing, and retail. The company's elite clientele includes names such as Oracle, SAP, and Microsoft. The Naperville based company has also catered to the hiring needs of several government agencies. Quite recently, TEK Connexion helped a multi-billion healthcare organization rope in 75 individuals for various key IT roles. “People are undoubtedly our pillars of strength,” says Frank Kozar, Senior VP, TEK Connexion. “Our staff works relentlessly to scout talent with skill sets that precisely meet the client's requirements,” he adds.

TEK Connexion, a staff augmentation and IT service leader, has gained reputation among large enterprises for being a recruitment problem-solver

Kozar, an alumnus of Penn State University, also mentions that his staff is trained over frequent time periods to keep them updated with the latest technological trends.

To paint a clearer picture about his organization's recruitment services, Kozar breaks down, or rather classifies, the broader term "IT staffing" into two kinds of services, namely staff augmentation and permanent hire. Staff augmentation involves the employment of talent on a contractual basis for the accomplishment of project deliverables such as a software product launch or a new technology rollout.

After analyzing an organization's IT requirements, TEK Connexion's workforce identifies skills precisely needed for the task. Apart from a detailed inspection of its existing candidate pool, the recruitment team also relies on its vast referral network and popular job portals to hire personnel.
The client's Statement Of Work (SOW), helps the team in the elimination of unsuitable candidates and selection of the best talent for the specific opportunity. Unlike most recruiters, TEK Connexion's recruitment cycle doesn't end merely at candidate selection. The company trains employees based on ethical guidelines followed across the IT industry.

TEK Connexion also collaborates with organizations to devise strategies that help in reduction of expenditures, renders assistance in the development of applications, and tailor enterprise-specific computing solutions. The company's IT services suite is aimed at driving its clients towards innovation and help them gain a competitive edge.

TEK Connexion firmly believes that employees play a vital role in steering a firm towards success and leaves no stone unturned to keep them motivated and satisfied. Apart from a friendly work environment, employees enjoy a wide range of benefits which includes an annual paid vacation, medical insurances, cross-domain learning and knowledge- enhancement programs. "In addition to realization of organizational goals we also foster the career growth of individuals to the best possible extent," Kozar concludes.