Sourcebits: The Digital Transformation Catalyst

Kris Nair, President & CEO

Technology—viewed from a consumers’ perspective— is always a combination of essential hardware and suitable software. Concepts such as the IoT are powered by a homogeneous concoction of hardware and software, leading the world toward the much sought after digital transformation. With hardware aspect of a technology remaining constant for the most part, software and applications running on hardware are quite often the differentiating factor for digital transformation. “From a service perspective, it is really digital innovation and how you change from innovation to digital transformation is what matters,” says Kris Nair, President & CEO, Sourcebits.

Primarily focused on IT solutions and services, Sourcebits’ tailored offerings cater to companies and organizations seeking the right blend of software and hardware. The four pillars, M.A.C.I” (Mobility, Analytics, Cloud, and Innovation) build a pedestal for the company to correlate data, collecting sensors with data processing systems.

Sourcebits’ tailored offerings cater to companies and organizations seeking the right blend of software and hardware

Kris says, “We don't own any IT, we help our customers put together various solutions and integrations into their current platforms.” The innovation-driven solutions offered by the company serve as the missing link between technological objectives of a client and the hardware employed in a set-up.

Real-time data analytics is at the crux of many IT companies, and Sourcebits aims at leveraging the same by providing IT solutions that augment ingenious software applications to the latest technological peripherals. In a recent endeavor, a client sought a system that could monitor and regulate temperature in their freezers and storage units. Leveraging their IoT capabilities, Sourcebits were able to incorporate sensors to read and record the temperature values for analysis. They further devised a solution that automatically increased or decreased the temperature depending on operational specifications and boundary conditions. To analyze the data obtained from sensors, Sourcebits designed a dashboard by which the overall performance of the storage unit could be monitored and controlled.
This enabled the client to keep track of alerts, temperature readings, and feedback obtained from the sensors.

In a similar instance, an aircraft engine manufacturer required a system to track system failures, and compile design data and product specification. Using its search engine, Sourcebits was able to perform a thorough search of different documentations and database to develop a consortium of possibilities for engine failure, list of parts used and available, and assessment of design data. The company developed a digital record with doctored fingerprints that enabled the client to assemble a team of designers and manufacturers to collaborate and arrive at solutions sooner than before.

Sourcebits caters to finance, health care, banking, and retail sectors by bridging the gap between desired solutions and their realization. Despite not having a product of their own, the company extends value by applying the technological capabilities of their IT team to achieve digital innovation. Kris believes that mobility, cloud services, and analytics will foster greater innovation in the field of IT and propel technological revolution across the industry. “By leveraging data, cloud, and mobility, we strive to create opportunities that can help our clients embrace digital transformation from a strategic perspective,” concludes Kris.