Aju Kuriakose had spent the first decade his professional career working with product-based companies and the next decade with service-based companies. With this rich experience, he conceptualized a company to bring his ideas to the forefront. Based out of California, Kuriakose wanted his company to represent the authenticity of California and thus, named the company after the giant California redwood tree, Sequoia. Like the tree which is known to live for centuries by sharing an everlasting relationship with the earth, Kuriakose envisioned SequoiaAT to reflect longevity by forming strong alliances through passionate customer relationships.

Banking on the knowledge gained from his previous stints, Kuriakose today leads SequoiaAT based on the methodologies of both product-based and service-based companies. Founded in 2016, the company focuses on the IoT space and delivers the best IoT practices to its customers. While taking up an IoT project for its clients, SequoiaAT ensures that the product it designs and delivers not only offer better results but also improves the productivity of its clients’ business.

SequoiaAT builds IoT products based on its customers’ requirements and demands and adopts a highly customer-centric approach toward every solution it provides.

We don’t limit our engagement, if there is a need we step-in and work passionately to get the customer’s product out in the market

The company does not believe in merely delivering a product; it hand holds a customer through the product’s entire lifecycle. Ensuring that its products keep working perfectly and deliver desired user experience, SequoiaAT continually monitors, tests, and updates the products. “We don’t limit our engagement, if there is a need, we step-in and work passionately to get the customer’s product out in the market,” stresses Kuriakose. Also, SequoiaAT undertakes product management projects for customers who lack product management skills or struggle to get funded to launch their products in the market.

Some businesses have existing applications which do not respond to their current needs. Realizing the need of every business, SequoiaAT offers both software and hardware capabilities enabling businesses to deliver better outcomes.

Kuriakose believes that a company’s success depends on the people it works with.
The SequoiaAT team enthusiastically strives to form harmonious relationships with its customers. “At SequoiaAT, we value relationships over business. When we start engaging with our customers, we treat it as a partnership. It's similar to a marriage; we promise to be with the customer throughout the product lifecycle,” he adds.

Recognizing the growth in the bioinformatics space, SequoiaAT has started investing in the field and is dedicatedly learning the ongoing trends in the space. Currently, the SequoiaAT team is building its skills and capabilities around the enormous volumes of data generated during bioinformatics research. The firm is trying to translate the algorithms written by bioinformaticians into software, making it easier for business professionals to understand.

Addressing the market trends in the IoT and the bioinformatics space, SequoiaAT is working toward bringing its technological innovations to the table. Focussed on bringing innovative products to the market, the passionate CEO considers opening new workplaces in Israel and Singapore. He believes, both the countries are emerging in terms of business value and is, therefore, investing in creating a culture of innovation and technology adoption at the two locations.