Semantify: Simplifying Data Access and Analysis

Ashoke Dutt, CEO

The explosion of data, the most critical ingredient of making business decisions, poses a challenge for organizations to effectively leverage it in day-to-day operations. Traditional industry focus has been on managing and massaging data from the bottom up, rather than empowering end users to independently dive into their data universe to find the information and insights when and how they want. Also, existing techniques for data extraction require IT professionals who can work with codes to access and analyze data scattered across different sources. This causes long delays and unnecessary burden on the IT community’s already scarce bandwidth.

“It’s impossible to make timely decisions and responses to customers and regulators with so much latency in the process. Why not instead independently find and analyze information exactly the way you want in seconds?” exclaims Ashoke Dutt, CEO, Semantify. This is precisely what Semantify offers. A significantly faster, cheaper way of finding and analyzing business information from an enterprise data ecosystem. Semantify empowers end users to independently perform instant ad hoc discovery and analytics across multiple disparate data sources and formats, structured or unstructured, without the need to code. “This is a boon to both end users and the IT community” adds Dutt.

What’s the use of all that data infrastructure if you can’t find information when you need it? With Semantify you can, instantly and accurately

Semantify's intuitive Business Language Query and semantic knowledge-model technologies understand industry product and functional terminology and inter-relationships in their exact contextual meaning. "Our technology allows users to get answers to their ad-hoc queries immediately and accurately from multiple source systems using simple and familiar business language, regardless of their technical knowledge of these systems” says Dutt. For instance, clients just ask “Last 24 months sales trends for credit card accounts with credit score> 650 and credit line utilization < 50 percent” without needing page long code.

Unlike traditional BI approaches requiring massive data consolidation and prepping projects in a losing battle to try and anticipate every business user information need, Semantify’s disruptive technology brings data to users as and when they require. “It’s much more time and cost efficient to leave data where it is—whether in existing BI repositories or at their primary sources—and allow end users to independently find and analyze the information they need,” says Dutt. Semantify’s technology transparently accesses multiple data sources and formats in real time at high speed with no additional hardware layers and costs. The highly automated. Low maintenance and self-service technology can be deployed rapidly within a few weeks as opposed to BI systems that require months and years.
Leveraging Semantify's solution, clients gain significant value from cost reduction, revenue acceleration, and customer/regulator/employee satisfaction.

Semantify first built a solid foundation delivering solutions to the financial services industry. This established rich platform functionality, scalability, and high ROI for customers. It provided a large global bank’s 200 risk analysts direct access to information and models within Teradata, Oracle and SAS tools, without reliance on scarce IT resources to code and pull out data for predictive analytics. The bank cut model validation times by 60 percent, reduced BI tool license costs dramatically with cost savings worth 2.9 million dollars in year 1 alone. Faster time to market with campaigns brought significant revenue acceleration.

For a mid-sized bank, Semantify cut resolution times for customer complaints from 4 days to 20 minutes. Within seconds, not hours/days (before Semantify), investigators and customer facing personnel pull information from 21 disparate systems to frame responses.

With continued investments in AI and machine learning, Semantify is strengthening its core differentiators in empowering end users with timely, accurate information. Strategic product partners are building differentiated solutions in multiple industries using Semantify. It is rolling out a simple to use frontend solution framework for small and midsized businesses, individual developers, and consultants who can independently build solutions using Semantify’s powerful backend technology on public networks.