Sekura Mobile Intelligence: Protecting User Identities with Proactive Intelligence

Gautam Hazari, CTO

A mobile phone is the entry point into the digital space for many individuals. But it can be a double-edged sword, with the potential to expose user data to scammers who can steal their identities, access their accounts, and hold their sensitive data hostage.

Sekura Mobile Intelligence, a global leader in mobile identity services, delivers solutions to enable the digital economy to thrive while protecting consumers and organizations. It leverages its relationships with mobile network operators (MNO) across the world to obtain key data and offer robust verification, authentication, and fraud prevention measures, protecting users from identity attacks.

“We help mobile operators liberate the data sitting within their systems to combat fraud,” says Gautam Hazari, CTO of Sekura Mobile Intelligence.

For example, Authorized Push Payment fraud is one of the largest recurring identity-related crimes; identifying unusual behavior and potentially fraudulent activities in real-time is vital to protecting vulnerable users from such scams.
It requires access to authentic user data. MNOs possess real-time user data, including information like SIM swap timestamp, if a Call Forward is active and many other valuable data.

Sekura Mobile Intelligence exclusively partners with MNOs to gain access to this data, add intelligence, and share it with clients through a single API. Currently, Sekura Mobile Intelligence is connected to 75 MNOs globally and the number is increasing frequently.

Its products and services help clients in banking, gaming, crypto, fintech and other business sectors to accurately verify identities, eliminate vulnerable passwords, flag attempted account takeovers, and enactother fraud-prevention measures, without limiting a user’s access to services.

We help mobile operators liberate the data sitting within their systems to combat fraud

Sekura uses around 21 data points provided by MNOs to enact its verification and fraud prevention solutions, and there are 66 such data points available across the MNOs. These information units help verify a user’s behavior, such as determining if they are using their regular device, accessing services from a different country, or regularly paying their bills.
Users are typically the weakest link in a security chain, as many frauds stem from user ID and password theft where scammers pose as a victim and gain access to their accounts and services to steal data.

Leveraging its partnerships with MNOs, Sekura facilitate a cryptographic-style of user authentication, using the SIM, without the user’s involvement, and nip any possibility of password and identity theft in the bud.

In one instance, a major bank faced frequent account takeover situations involving calls to customer care to change the home address. Each time, during the protracted verification process, the client resorted to restricting the user’s access to their accounts for 48 hours.

Sekura implemented multiple measures to fast-track the process; the client could use its API to instantly verify if the name, address and date-of-birth provided matches with the ones known to the MNO of the user, using the Mobile-to-Person match service and confirm if a SIM swap or Call Divert was conducted in the previous 24 hours. Ultimately, the client could swiftly verify customer identity without restricting their access.

Clients across industries who partner with Sekura Mobile Intelligence can rest assured that user identities are secure, as Sekura protects them with the utmost certainty through its suite of mobile intelligence tools. It stands as a pillar of security for clients looking to take their verification, authentication, and fraud-prevention measures to new heights.