Sandeza: Delivering an End-To-End Communications Solution

Prabhu Shankar, CEO & Co-Founder

Enterprises allocate significant resources and effort into crafting and maintaining exceptional customer experiences through different tools and platforms. This strategic focus is rooted in the understanding that customer satisfaction and loyalty are pivotal to a company's success.

These platforms often operate in silos, leading to inadequate integration, diminishing returns on investment (RoI), and reduced productivity.

“When the business objective is more employee productivity and high customer satisfaction, the answer should not be ‘just another SaaS product’ but a solution that can work across CRMs, CSPs, and communication products,” says Prabhu Shankar, the CEO and co-founder of Sandeza.

This is where Sandeza comes in.

A solutions and services provider in the CX domain, Sandeza builds on its senior management’s decades of experience in delivering IT solutions. Sandeza focuses on delivering repeatable, extensible and automated platformdriven solutions that integrate across product silos to deliver real business value.

“All vendors implement tools. Our speciality is that we understand the incremental value in system integration and build solutions across domains, addressing critical areas that significantly improve customer service, service management platforms, and performance analytics,” says Shankar.
Sandeza, being a provider of Managed IT services and solutions for enterprises, values the critical role of service management platforms and workflow orchestration in facilitating efficient enterprise operations. Thus, Sandeza’s portfolio extends to providing solutions for managing enterprise infrastructure and applications. By integrating IT infrastructure and core product functionalities into a unified platform, Sandeza enables businesses to oversee operations from a centralized dashboard—the proverbial ‘single-pane-ofglass.’

At the heart of Sandeza's offerings lies the ARTA platform suite. The platform enables comprehensive management of customer experience (CX) centers and service delivery channels. This is done by smooth, purpose-driven integration of customer data, telephony systems, omni-channel communication systems and cutting-edge AI tools.

Customer experience is continuously improved by measuring customer sentiment and contact center performance. The ARTA platform establishes feedback loops and implements systems that offer a 360-degree view of customer interactions. Through advanced analytics tools and data-driven insights, the platform enables businesses to gain comprehensive visibility into customer sentiments and contact center performance.

A relevant reference for Sandeza is for Currency Exchange International (CXI), a service and technology provider for foreign currency exchange, international payments, etc. They use a Zoom Phone system and Freshdesk CRM in their customer contact center. CXI required an efficient integration, enabling real-time updated customer information to the agent. Sandeza presented the myriad use cases of integration with ARTA platform, from their previous developments. Call recordings, automatic ticket creation etc were demonstrated to CXI, and the customer was impressed with the innovation.
Sandeza understood the critical value-generating features of this integration, and implemented an embedded solution with a dual control panel. Agents, when connected, could see open tickets for the connected customer, create new tickets and view recent call logs and contacts. A pop-up message enabled automatic ticket creation on abrupt call termination. The call recording URL was added to the ticket with the option of adding the call recording URL to the ticket.

When the business objective is better employee productivity and high customer satisfaction, the answer should not be ‘just another SaaS product’ but a solution that can work across CRMs, CSPs, and communication products

Sandeza has delivered similar successful projects for many other customers such as ServiceNow, NYRA, IHG etc. As a partner of Freshworks, a leading Global CRM, Sandeza builds and deploys key solutions in their marketplace. Solutions for multi-cloud management and data archival are also built and deployed.

The above achievements stand as continuing testament to Sandeza’s technical capability and focus on business value generation. The company’s value proposition to customers is never a ‘single tool’ or ‘resource’ addition, but a solution and milestone-based approach to the customer’s business requirement. It invests in pilot projects, proof-of-concepts, and pre-built solution demonstrations for specific challenges. This helps the customers know what they are getting and the ROI.