Radiance Wealth: Financial Advice for a Stress-Free Future

Ravi Moolchandani, Principal Financial Adviser and Director at Radiance Wealth

Building a financial cushion for a secure and enjoyable retirement has multiple benefits, including peace of mind and protection against market fluctuation. To help individuals create a well-planned retirement and lead a stress-free comfortable life, Radiance Wealth, a wealth management company, provides long-term holistic financial planning advice. Its vision is to create and protect wealth. Offering a wide range of services, such as helping clients to accumulate and protect wealth, estate planning, social security, personal insurances, cash flow management, share portfolio, gearing and aged care facilities.

“Our high-quality advice to meet individuals’ financial goals leads to a secure income pathway for retirement and also cultivates a strong relationship with our clients.” says Ravi Moolchandani, Principal Financial Adviser, and director at Radiance Wealth.

The company’s client base is predominantly between the ages of 55 and 85, making pre-retirement and retirement a niche market.
The main challenge for these clients is to deal with the complex superannuation system in Australia with frequent changes to government legislation, how to invest appropriately, leading to a lifetime income and tax effective intergenerational wealth. Along with the individual’s retirement planning there is also a focus on the generation who will inherit the wealth.

By understanding clients’ current situations and requirements, Radiance Wealth offers personalized financial advice that helps them achieve their retirement goals. In addition, it also provides the necessary tools for researching and recommending suitable strategies. After multiple discussions, a team of experts implements the agreed-upon plan; provides ongoing support and regular reviewing to ensure the strategy remains on track.

The firm's ongoing personalized financial advice helps clients make informed decisions and control risk. It strives to provide a comprehensive and tailored approach to retirement planning, assisting clients in navigating the complexities of the financial world.

To elucidate the competence of the firm's services, Mr. Moolchandani outlines three examples illustrating the impact of its financial advice on client finances.
In the first case, the team of experts at Radiance Wealth tailored an investment strategy which resulted in outperforming the market and tax effective income. In the second case, a client's funds were invested in a way that generated and enhanced social security with the combination of funds invested providing a lifetime income stream. In the third case, after the client died, the inheritance received by the beneficiaries was in the lowest tax-rate. These examples demonstrate the positive impact of its financial advisory services and how it has helped clients achieve their financial goals.

Our high-quality advice to meet individuals’ financial goals leads to a secure income pathway for retirement and also cultivates a strong relationship with our clients.

The team at Radiance Wealth, with a combined experience of 20 years, is committed to help clients achieve their financial goals through unique and professional strategies. It is part of the RI Advice Group, which has been providing financial advice to Australians since 1979. Building on its success in meeting client needs, Radiance Wealth has become a leading provider of financial advisory services with a dedicated team that thrives in the current ever-changing, fast-paced environment.