Pinnakle Technologies: Aiding the Federal Government with IT Services

The journey of an IT (Information Technology) enthusiast may have humble beginnings but it is not a cakewalk by any means; especially when taking up federal contracts through RFPs (request for proposals) and solicitations. Let us step into the shoes of one such enthusiast who started his journey back in 1998 as an IT consultant, only to stand tall as one of the most consistent IT solution providers in the United States. Ajay Kshatriya has witnessed an exponential growth with his company Pinnakle Technologies, since its establishment in 2009, emerging as a persistent federal IT benefactor over the years. The company has taken great strides in providing innovative IT Software Development, Program Management, and Staff Augmentation services. Although the company’s areas of specialization consist of a plethora of federal projects and contracts, and its expertise extends to various industries such as integrated logistics management, modeling and simulation, and construction management.

“Federal business is a different ballgame altogether when compared with corporate businesses. All the work has to be done based on solicitation requirements, which is a challenge on its own,” begins Ajay, the company’s President & CEO, addressing the complexities of federal contracts. Pinnakle takes up prototypes and contracts that feature newer technologies for the federal government and assists them in tackling obstacles such as cybersecurity, contract management, and software development.

Federal business is a different ballgame altogether when compared with corporate businesses. All the work has to be done based on a set of RFPs and specific deliverables

Kshatriya goes on to talk about a federal lifecycle in which the company submits a proposal based on the specific RFP or solicitation requirements set by the government, which define the guidelines for the lifecycle of the project. “We have an initial phase where we conduct meetings and understand the requirement of our clients, which is followed by the project analysis. Depending on whether the contract is new or the continuation of a previous iteration, we start working on the prototype and design software that is relevant to the technology in place,” he adds. While following the traditional software development cycle, Pinnakle Technologies prioritizes the time frame within which the project has to be completed, a consistent norm that sets them apart.

A recent staff management endeavor with IRS (Internal Revenue Service), California, signifies the time-bound constraints of federal contracts. Pinnakle Technologies had a task of consolidating four layers of staff and network peripherals into a single floor.
Although it sounds simple, collaborating with different teams within the federal ecosystem was nothing less than an uphill task for the company; from getting approvals to laying out plans to bringing together various departments, Pinnakle Technologies was on the toes, coordinating with various IRS agencies in delivering the best in class set up for the organization.

They upgraded IRS’s connectivity systems using CAT 6 networking, giving a significant boost to their network matrix. Pinnakle Technologies completed the project in line with the stipulated time frame by checking all the boxes of the project guidelines set by IRS. Similarly, the company has successfully executed several contracts for the US postal services, Navy Seaport, and the Department of Health and Human Services, owing to the support from the team of 120 domain-specific personnel working at Pinnakle Technologies.

The company believes in trust, teamwork, and delivery, which rightly reflects in their work culture that has earned them numerous federal contracts. Kshatriya jovially speaks about how the company’s schedule is jam-packed with their already existing projects. Going forward, Pinnakle Technologies aims at strengthening their arsenal by expanding their service portfolio to serve a larger demographic audience with a greater diversity in skill sets.