Phoenix Technology Systems, Inc.: Supercharging Workforce Management with Smart Dashboard & Automations

Arpit Bitta, Chief Technology Officer

Dan S. Kennedy, the strategic advisor who has coached millions of business owners, once said, “Productivity is the deliberate, strategic investment of your time, talent, intelligence, energy, resources, and opportunities in a manner calculated to move you measurably closer to meaningful goals.”

His assertion’s plausibility is hardly surprising. Employers have distinct goals, but regardless of size or sector, most aspire to outperform their competitors in terms of productivity and efficiency. In consideration of this challenge, Phoenix Technology Systems, Inc. offers global workforce management (WFM) solutions that function as the indispensable element of businesses’ ability to achieve the aspirations of enhanced efficiencies.

Phoenix provides cloud-based plug and play platforms which include workforce and spend management, global payroll/ time-tracking, any source-any target ETL automations, all with Next-Gen insights dashboards, where clients can gain visibility, automation, and streamline various business critical tasks.

In contrast, to “siloed” hire-to-retire or procure-to-pay systems that exist today, Phoenix offers a unified SaaS platform, giving businesses improved control and management over their relationships with employees, service providers, and contingent workers.
Phoenix’s robust and reliable software solutions unlock opportunities for clients to significantly improve productivity to not only save time and cost, but also provide the groundwork for a more strategic allocation of its people and resources.

“By leveraging our Nex-Gen Technology, we provide our clients with the flexibility, visibility and efficiency they crave,” says Arpit Bitta, CTO of Phoenix Technology Systems, Inc.

The global business environment today challenges WFM solution providers to deliver adaptive yet effective solutions that suit the evolving needs of their clients. In light of this, Phoenix took a ground-up approach to modernize its core system foundation by leveraging machine learning, AI, and feedback from hundreds of global enterprises, employees, and end-users to redefine how a cloud solution can truly bring operational efficiency to its client’s bottom-line. This approach resulted in Phoenix’s solutions to focus its deliverables on removing complex labor-intensive tasks via automation and enabling seamless userfriendly web/mobile experiences by emphasizing simplicity, accuracy, and visibility.

Despite its software’s broad functionality and vast internal framework, Phoenix is able to deploy solutions and showcase value driven results to its clients within weeks. Its services are further supplemented by a team of subject matter experts who have decades of experience in various industries, organizations, and roles. This enables the company to comprehend and address any unique organizational needs of its clients.
Phoenix’s software functions as simple plug-and-play add-on for all HR, Finance and Payroll systems. It supports over hundred languages and facilitates easy time/payroll transactions through its multi-currency foundation. The company has developed its software per industry standards, which makes it compatible with over 1200 ERPs, accounting systems, and HR/payroll systems right out of the box. Phoenix also implements all business and local regulatory requirements to ensure its users achieve global process consistency, instantly, and with compliance and accuracy.

We provide next-gen user experience and can systematically automate any end-to-end business processes with ease. Go ahead, bring on the complexities

The SaaS firm’s expertise, in tandem with its software’s flexibility, has allowed it to acquire eminent clients throughout the globe. One of Phoenix’s notable instances of collaboration was when it assisted one of its clients in systematically automating their payroll processing of 18,000 employees. With its solutions, the processing time was astonishingly reduced from 150 hours per week to 12 minutes.

The workforce of an organization is its greatest asset and often its also the biggest expense. Lacking a reliable means to efficiently manage them results in mistake-prone manual work and decreased productivity. Automation in HR, finance and payroll is a challenging task, but Phoenix solutions streamlines it and improves the performance and satisfaction of managers and employees globally.