PARKVI GmbH: Offering End-to-End Machine Vision Systems

Parth Pandya, Managing Director

Germany is widely acclaimed as a global epicenter of technological brilliance, hosting premier manufacturing conglomerates that dominate their respective industries.

Upholding the nation’s rich technological heritage and work ethic to meet the image processing needs of manufacturing giants like BMW, Audi, AGCO(Fendt), Forvia, Procter & Gamble, and Bosch is PARKVI GmbH. Its offerings are industry-agnostic, serving productionbased companies like automotive, e-mobility, battery and fuel cell production, packaging, food processing, photovoltaics, tire manufacturing, and pharmaceuticals. Catering to their dynamic machine vision needs, it offers end-to-end, bespoke, and cost-efficient image-processing solutions. This helps them achieve excellence in manufacturing management, inspection and defect detection, quality assurance, and process control.

PARKVI’s portfolio encompasses 2D, 3D, and line scan cameras, offering everything from conventional image processing to AI-based. Clients can also engage with the company for manufacturer-independent image processing consultation and procuring top-notch machine vision components like cameras, complex PC systems for vision, 3D vision sensors, and industrial code readers.
“We have a strong network with industry leaders like Keyence, Matrox, Baumer, LMI, SICK, and Opto Engineering. Our extensive supplier base gives us access to top-tier components and products from vision technology and camera manufacturers across the globe,” says Parth Pandya, managing director of PARKVI.

While most market players offer standardized products, PARKVI distinguishes itself by prioritizing the delivery of customized solutions tailored to each client’s specific needs. The company employs a three-step methodology in crafting and executing these solutions. It starts with running feasibility tests, collecting client inquiries, and thoroughly analyzing and simulating every plausibility in advance as per the client’s requirements. Subsequently, the company proceeds with the programming phase, configuring tailored one-source extensive system solutions designed to meet the specifications derived from the test findings. This is followed by the implementation phase, which occurs on-site at the client’s facilities.

Drawing upon its engineering acumen and proficiency in both traditional and state-of-the-art image processing, PARKVI is adept at seamlessly integrating image processing systems into clients’ existing infrastructure in record time. The company understands their systems and goes the extra mile to optimize the existing toolset by upgrading those with the latest technologies in the market. It also exceeds industry standards by ensuring the solution is up and running within three months.

To ensure the uninterrupted, error-free, and seamless functioning of its systems after the sale and reduce post-installation expenses, PARKVI commissions the solutions on clients’ premises and offers maintenance contracts.
Its team of experienced and qualified specialists and service technicians ensures one hundred percent client satisfaction.

PARKVI’s image-processing expertise and superior client support have garnered the company over 70 successful projects without any service calls. In a span of four years, it has successfully made its mark in the high-tech German market, taking up projects other providers have not dared to. In one of the instances, BMW approached the company after ten different providers declined to be on board with the project due to technical complexities. PARKVI could find a solution in two weeks and get the whole system running within six months.

Our extensive supplier base gives us access to top-tier components and products from vision technology and camera manufacturers across the globe

A series of similar success stories underscore PARKVI’s technological prowess. The company’s ability to maintain long-standing relationships with its clients, who continue to seek its services based on their previous experience, is a clear testament to its exceptional track record.

It is undeniable that PARKVI has redefined image processing with its technological expertise. Its top-notch tailored solutions and strong after-sale support help it emerge as a leader in the space and a trusted choice for clients.