Optimum Info: Optimizing Franchise Network Performance

Arvind Verma, CEO

The automotive sector is characterized by its rapid pace of innovation and technological advancement. However, this industry struggles with many paper-based systems and manual processes, hindering its ability to operate at full potential.

Manual or semi-manual processes are not only time-consuming and prone to errors, they also contribute to delays in various stages of decision making, from identifying optimal dealer locations, to appointments to day-to-day management of the franchise network.. In an industry that is changing rapidly, these factors can lead to poor network quality, delayed decisions, and potentially even legal ramifications.

Optimum Info, a budding tech and business solutions company, recognized the need for a range of solutions to bridge the widening gap between dated practices and the burgeoning demands for efficiency and integration.

“As we surveyed the market for existing solutions, we discovered that there were no robust tools available to address this challenge,” says Arvind Verma, CEO. “The few existing solutions were either too expensive, lacked crucial functionalities, or failed to adapt to the diverse needs of the automotive sector.”

Fueled by Determination and Innovation

The absence of a ready-made remedy fueled the determination and innovation of the Optimum Info team. They tirelessly brainstormed, coded, tested and refined their ideas. The vision was crystal clear— create an integrated solutions platform that could streamline processes, optimize workflows, and facilitate seamless collaboration and data exchange across all important facets of the franchise network development operations.

After extensive development and rigorous testing, in 2009, Optimum Info launched its flexible cloud-based franchise network development and after-sales solutions for OEMs.
Today, the company works very closely and collaboratively with top-line customers worldwide to develop user-centric software solutions in the dealer network management and after-sales operations domains, including warranty, service and parts. It is trusted by clients to provide tools that enhance their business performance.

Specialized Software Solutions Provider

Originating from a need for improved coordination and streamlined operations, Optimum Info has carved a niche as a specialized software solutions provider. The company zeroes in on two pivotal areas—network development and after-sales solutions—catering primarily to automotive equipment, power sports, and franchise network development verticals.

Within the network development space, Optimum Info's flagship solution, IKON, stands tall. It serves as a field operation solution, facilitating seamless collaboration between sales & after-sales teams and dealers. Unlike generic solutions, IKON is purpose-built, highly cost-effective, and meticulously tailored to meet industry-specific demands. Also offered is APEX, a document management solution that simplifies complex franchise development processes, from onboarding new dealers to managing agreements.

On the after-sales front, Optimum Info boasts solutions for warranty claims processing and parts ordering, empowering companies to enhance their operational efficiency and customer service.

Success with Enterprise Customers

With such a perfect line of capabilities, Optimum Info serves as an ideal partner for a broad range of customers. A recent success involves Volkswagen, which had been using a traditional dealer visit reporting solution, which was not well aligned to the company’s requirements.. They wanted to implement a modern CRM that would simplify the process, provide an accurate scorecard on dealer performance, and be easy to administer through various operational and management reports.

IKON was an ideal vehicle for the client to meet their goals. The team at Volkswagen, including business users, application administrators, IT and security, and PMO, was able to work together to launch this initiative successfully within the budget and expected timeframe. Its solution created a positive impact and added value to the clients’ field operations.
The system is now available for the field users and will be rolled out in multiple phases.

In another instance, Optimum Info assisted East Manufacturing, a trailer manufacturer that was going through a transformative journey in its manual parts ordering process. The overflow of calls and increasing complexities led them to search for an efficient solution. Optimum Info's parts ordering management proved an optimal choice, offering a user-friendly interface and seamless integration with their ERP—all at an affordable cost. The solution empowered the client’s dealers to self-manage orders, track history, and navigate a configurable system that aligns with their brand image.

Our journey symbolizes the convergence of cutting-edge technology, industry-specific solutions, and a customer-first philosophy

Optimum Info's client engagement model exhibits a very high level of commitment to customer satisfaction and active enagements. Its structured process involves an initial phase of product implementation and customization, followed by continuous support during the operational phase. The company ensures the same team assists clients throughout, fostering a relationship-driven approach.

“We perceive each interaction as more than just a transaction; it is a symbiotic relationship that is a win for both us and our clients. Our commitment to delivering the best value and constant improvement is central to this approach,” says Verma.

Beyond the realm of technical prowess, the company prides itself on soft factors that bolster its ethos. Optimum Info prioritizes nurturing robust relationships with clients, viewing them as valued partners. This customer-centric culture creates an environment where flexibility and adaptability thrive and provides extensive opportunities for all Optimum employees for professional and personal growth.

“Our journey symbolizes the convergence of cutting-edge technology, industry-specific solutions, and a customer-first philosophy,” says Verma. “We embody a fusion of technical excellence, personalized service, and a commitment to empowering businesses within the automotive sector.”