OneDigitalTrust, Inc.: Reinventing and Democratizing Financial Planning for Estate and Inheritance

Sonny K. Kapoor, CEO & Co-Founder

Annual surveys of the US citizenry indicate that a staggering sixty-five percent of citizens don’t have an estate inheritance plan. Why is this statistic alarming? In the unfortunate event of an individual passing without a legally valid plan, the state in which the individual last lived, has the authority to decide how the assets will be distributed. The issue is aggravated because each state may have slightly different rules and formulas when it comes to estate succession. And worse, these age-old laws were created in the mid-twentieth century and have not kept pace with changing times. In addition, most citizens cannot afford the hefty fees that attorneys charge for estate consultations and simply avoid making estate plans in the first place. This absence of affordable, accessible, and legally valid estate planning has created an imbalance in the marketplace, putting citizens at risk of getting caught up in complex bureaucracy in the inevitable inheritance process. Observing that archaic estate laws, regulations, and statutes only exacerbate these challenges, former angel investors and associates Sonny K. Kapoor and Rocky Mehta resolved to execute a paradigm shift in the estate planning space.

The duo founded OneDigitalTrust, Inc. – a firm that provides an enterprise-grade B2B2C personal legacy and estate planning platform.

The OneDigitalTrust platform has been tried and tested by several wellregarded large institutions, performing exceptionally well across market penetration, regulatory compliance, security, legal, and veracity testing. Owing to its architecture, institutions can effortlessly customize it according to their requirements and render it to their stakeholders as their product/service. This effective branding empowers them to acquire new leads and retain high-value customers. OneDigitalTrust platform also amasses integration capabilities, enabling users to access multiple fintech tools such as financial planning and life planning from a single dashboard.

The platform has implemented API integrations with various industry-leading digital platforms in the investment, banking, and insurance space.
In addition to merely creating valid, state-specific legal documents, OneDigitalTrust also exposes numerous lifelong planning tools to benefit end-users.

Individuals can begin utilizing OneDigitalTrust with its basic plan, where they can prepare their estate plan in less than ten minutes. Once prepared, users can add additional information over a period of time and augmentit, fundamentally creating a customized estate plan (based on a will or a revocable trust). OneDigitalTrust platform efficiently accommodates all users’ requirements, ensuring that they can aggregate assets and liabilities without the need for manual input. The platform capabilities are designed to materially ease the probate process for grieving individuals and their families.

Users can utilize the platform to ascertain their probate exposure on an ongoing basis. Unlike any other estate planning digital platform, OneDigitalTrust provides inheritance visualizations to its users, empowering them to gain a holistic view of their assets/liabilities, distribution, and probate at the push of a button.

An example of the comprehensiveness of this platform is a feature titled “Your Things." The co-founders researched that a key driver for family strife is often connected to family members' perception of how fairly the “soft assets” are distributed. These are typically highly emotional items such as – mom’s wedding dress, grandma’s china, and dad’s uniform – rather than the anticipated hard financial assets. The company has formulated an elegant method to ensure that such assets are appropriately distributed, avoiding family conflict. The estate and inheritance planning platform also contains an “intelligent document vault” which keeps track of legal documents generated by the system and also allows the upload of any other relevant documents (e.g. copy of a deed or insurance policy) so that when the user is gone, the Executor can access everything in a single “document wallet” without having to scramble to discover items. Apart from empoweringusers to seamlessly plan the inheritance of their legacy, the platform has capabilities to regularly nudge the user to ensure their plans remain updated to keep in lockstep with the user’s life stages and wealth cycle transitions.

Users can update and modify their legacy plans as many times as possible, ensuring that they remain up-to-date with the latest events in their personal and financial lives.
Individuals can also chronicle their crucial life events and experiences and bequeath those stories privately to their descendants via the platform. The functionality enables the loved ones to read the memoirs and draw inspiration, easing their bereavement. Though personal legacies have forever remained of utmost importance, the covid-19 pandemic has upended the priorities of several individuals who now prioritize personal and family wellness. OneDigitalTrust has proactively stayed abreast of mercurial market scenarios and enhanced its offering.

“Access to necessary resources which can effectively promote personal and family wellness (peace of mind) should not be limited to the privileged. We are democratizing legacy and inheritance (financial) planning for everyone. Our platform ensures that individuals have the peace of mind and know that their families will be taken care of,” reckons Kapoor. To ensure that individuals access the platform from their (existing) trusted providers, OneDigitalTrust has designed the platform so that it can be branded and customized to work with an institution’s existing offering stack. Companies are licensing the platform at bulk or wholesale pricing, branding it as their own, and providing it to their customers and employees as their own product or service, making it easily accessible and affordable.

Access to necessary resources which can effectively promote personal and family wellness (peace of mind) should not be limited to the privileged. We are democratizing legacy and inheritance (financial) planning for everyone. Our platform ensures that individuals have the peace of mind and know that their families will be taken care of

One could profoundly observe that OneDigitalTrust is aligning itself to provide easy access to justice and ensuring that no individual has to forego their legal rights due to economic stature. OneDigitalTrust is poised to execute a paradigm shift in the US financial firmament and empower the US citizenry to exercise their financial rights, prioritizing people and their wellness.