MindTelligent: Empowering Businesses with Digital Capabilities

Harvinder Singh, Chief Software Architect of MindTelligent.

Amidst Covid-19 and regressive lockdowns, businesses resorted to rapid digital transformation to meet the numerous needs of an emerging work from home culture. Digitalization became the key for businesses to keep themselves afloat, thereby provoking companies to shift from on-premise platforms to cloud technology. Along with Mulesoft Anypoint Platform, AWS and Oracle Integration Cloud, MindTelligent Technology Solutions has positioned itself as a resilient partner, helping businesses in their journey of seamless digital transformation. The company provides its clients with solutions to meet complex systems development and integration challenges in data integration and management, enterprise information security architecture, big data, and cloud-based solutions.

While meeting the needs of the customer service sector in the banking and financing, automotive, and healthcare industry, MindTelligent realized that businesses often struggle to transition from legacy platforms to technologies like cloud-based platforms. MindTelligent has developed a fool-proof Capability Maturity Model and framework to ease this cumbersome process of assessing the client’s legacy system before recommending appropriate solutions.

“MindTelligent, as a consulting company, strategizes the entire on-premise to cloud migration and sets up a full-fledged development infrastructure for the clients,” mentions Harvinder Singh, Chief Software Architect of MindTelligent.

In liaison with companies like Salesforce (MuleSoft), Oracle and AWS, MindTelligent Technology provides consulting solutions for system integration and data flow pipelines. The company is a one-stop shop for AWS solutions such as AWS Lake formation, Big Data, Data Warehousing solutions, and hub management.
MindTelligent Technology’s AWS solutions facilitate companies to run complex data analytics and machine learning against structured and unstructured data in their data warehouse and data lake, eliminating the need for unnecessary data movement. Moreover, it helps collect, process, and analyze streaming data and load data streams into data lakes and warehouses in real-time.

For expedient data engineering, data science development, and collaboration, MindTelligent quickly and efficiently processes big data in a data lake or on-premises. The AWS Glue Data Catalog allows enterprises to search across numerous AWS data sets effortlessly. Once the data stacks have been cataloged, they may be searched and queried instantly utilizing Amazon Athena, Amazon EMR, and Amazon Redshift Spectrum. MindTelligent Technology also possesses expertise in Cloud Deployment Kit (CDK) and cloud deployment and formation templates. CDK helps organizations model their applications as open-source software development programs. On the other hand, MindTelligent Technology’s AWS Software Development Kits (SDK), such as S3 bucket, SNS, and AWS Lambda, enabling companies to access and manage AWS services with their preferred language or platform. It provides a cost-effective and scalable computing power, storage, and content delivery solution.

We not only strategize the entire on premise to cloud or hybrid migration, but we also perform the entire architecture development and infrastructure set up

“We not only strategize the entire on premise to cloud or hybrid migration, but we also perform the entire architecture development and infrastructure set up,” says Singh. In addition to AWS solutions, MindTelligent also provides consultation services for Oracle products and specializes in Oracle Cloud infrastructure such as Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC). Businesses can simplify cloud integration using OIC with a unified and comprehensive solution to integrate disparate cloud and on-premise applications.
In the Oracle utility sector, MindTelligent is an expert in Oracle Utilities Customer Cloud Service (CCS), rendering consulting services in customer care, billing cloud service, and master data management.

To streamline various processes for the clients, the company provides Oracle Utilities Smart Grid Gateway – a communications platform that allows edge applications such as Meter Data Management systems and various device management applications to communicate with each other. Other Oracle capabilities of the company include Oracle SOA and BPM, Oracle Service Bus (OSB), Oracle Integration Cloud, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and Oracle Fusion Middleware. These capabilities simplify IT processes by joining the disparate mobile, cloud, and IoT integration requirements into one unified and standards-based platform.

MindTelligent also focuses on API connectivity and MuleSoft solutions. As a MuleSoft consulting practitioner, the company helps with implementation and systems integration services for the complete MuleSoft product suite, both on-premises and in the cloud (RTF). The company uses the MuleSoftAnypoint Runtime Fabric to unlock greater flexibility and ease operations for enterprises to transform their businesses faster using public, private, or hybrid cloud. Using reusable assets, companies can create APIs with just a few clicks or lines of code, using either a web interface or a desktop IDE. MuleSoft solution automates data transformations with machine learning-based suggestions, testing APIs and integrations, and plugging enterprise integrations into CI/CD pipelines with Maven and Jenkins built-in support.

Over the years, MindTelligent has empowered many clients with its technological capabilities and propositions. For instance, one of its clients in the robotics automotive sector was facing a problem conducting about 5 billion transactions a day, resulting in unnecessary delays. MindTelligent supported the client with their data flow pipeline and increased throughput by making the processing time ten times faster. With decades of experience, seasoned professionals, and an efficient combination of solutions, MindTelligent has emerged as a stalwart in digital transformation and is all set to expand further.