Rebuilding BI with Intelligence

Rajat Monga, Co-founder and CEO

The hardest part for a business isn’t collecting and storing data. It is rather deriving actionable insights for making key decisions,” says Rajat Monga, Founder, and CEO of

An engineer by experience, Rajat has built large scale systems and led teams at many companies, most recently at Google where he co-created and led TensorFlow, the world’s leading machine learning platform. It is here that he started noticing the limitations of dashboards. While there is a lot of work to improve query performance that allows people to process lots of data, no one knows what to ask for. In 2020, Rajat left Google to start, to fix these problems with analytics by leveraging AI – the area he focused on with TensorFlow.

Applicable across a wide range of business use cases,’s data analytics platform goes beyond conventional metric dashboards by leveraging AI to identify the most impactful issues and opportunities. This empowers businesses to focus on driving metric growth backed by all of their data. focuses on the metrics that are important to the customers for driving their business and how executives can leverage analytics to drive these metrics and growth.By taking away the cumbersome process of reviewing every piece of information, enables analysts to spend more time understanding the full picture, and have a lot more visibility over all the data.
This allows them to come up with better and deeper insights.

Businesses today have data in one of many cloud environments, and it is important for the analysts to get a solution that works where the data lives. offers connectivity to all major cloud providers and works with data in most data stores across them. After connecting to a data source, the analytics software uses machine learning algorithms to capture historic trends and signals from the raw data and identify areas that are impacting the business. As new data comes in, these algorithms continue to identify these missed opportunities and issues while also updating their internal models for the future.

“We leverage historic data to build out models of the client’s business and learn how their metrics are performing across the different segments,” says Rajat. combines several AI based analytical techniques to narrow down the drivers and quickly provide insights in an interactive manner. The smart data analytics platform takes a holistic approach to provide clients with the key insights coupled with the context of their operations across all segments at the level of detail they need.

Leading the way in solving the complex problems in analytics, is on a path to redefine how analysts and business users weave their data into workflows and derive usable insights at faster time frames. Unmatched in its capabilities to aid enterprises to push forward with their metrics, empowered a business user to take control of driving profitability on their revenue streams. Unable to get the right answers from traditional tools, even with analyst help, the client quickly resolved the issue by connecting’s platform to their systems.
Analysts can now view all important segments in a single place and get the benefits of the platform that goes through all their data, not worrying about what they may have missed.

“Our platform focuses on the analytical metrics and connects the dots through the data in an automated fashion. It speeds up the time for a business to take action,” expresses Rajat. Empowering the client to save time reviewing multiple graphs and other criteria,’s Insights Engine sifts through every piece of data that passes through the business and automatically surfaces insights on developments that impact the business. To enable enterprises to focus on their growth goals, applies a complex set of ranking and relevance algorithms to accentuate only relevant pieces of information and weed out the chaff.

Our platform focuses on the analytical metrics and connects the dots through the data in an automated fashion, and it speeds up the time for a business to take action

Targeting hard problems within the analytics space,’s goal is to bring more AI driven automation to analytics and help bridge the widening gap between growth of data complexity and analysts. As innovates to build cutting edge advancements in analytics automation technology, the company looks to harness the power of AI to accelerate businesses with all of their data.