N P Financials: A Strategic Approach to Improve Trading Skills

Partha Sarathi Banerjee, Director

NP Financials is an Australian proprietary trading firm that has been empowering traders and investors since 2016. N P Financials provides a comprehensive turn-key solution, enabling them to attain success and control over their trading. The firm is committed to providing unbiased advisory services in key areas, such as the Foreign Exchange Contracts, Australian Stock Market, Commodities, Derivatives and adheres to the regulatory standards of the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC), holding an Australian Financial Services License (AFSL).

“To deploy traders in various asset classes, we provide one-on-one coaching sessions, self-learning modules and units, and trade ideas to help them learn and improve their skills,” says Partha Sarathi Banerjee, director of N P Financials.

N P Financials offers a range of business models, including trader training, trade ideas, and ongoing support for traders. Customers can benefit from coaching in advanced and professional Forex, Intraday, Commodity, Indices, and Cryptocurrency trading. In search of good traders, before enrolling them in the NPF Funding program, the firm conducts an audition to ensure that clients are the right fit.

Traders can purchase the startup account audition for as little as $240 and leverage risk parameters to achieve a profit of 10 percent. Once the prospective traders clear the audition by reaching the profit target, they gain access to its capital, which ranges from $25,000 to $1.95 million, along with the appropriate trading tools. The firm allows traders to keep 70 percent of the profits they make.

N P Financials’ model for trade ideas offers traders a platform to share recommendations for buying and selling assets. For the same, the firm carefully analyses the market trends and trader outcomes using advanced algorithms and data analytics to minimise risk.

To help traders leverage various trading markets and achieve success, N P Financials offers various trading courses for beginners and experienced traders. The firm has 10 courses, from which one can be selected based on the trader’s skill level and asset class. The training program includes one-on-one coaching, monthly master classes, self-assessment practice tasks, and weekly classes. These sessions are conducted by a team of highly experienced trading coaches who specialise in price action trading and technical analysis to design institutional trading strategies.

Along with these technical trading courses, N P Financials' traders receive guidance on managing individual traits, like greed and fear, as a part of the monthly master class to develop the psychological resilience necessary for success in the trading market.
By cultivating the right mindset, traders can navigate various trading challenges and be successful.

Furthermore, the success of N P Financials’ training program is highlighted by its high retention rate of 93 percent. It is a testament to the exceptional quality of its training program and its commitment to helping the clients succeed. To further enhance accessibility, the firm offers ongoing support 18/7 through multiple channels like live chat, WhatsApp Messenger, SMS, Telegram and Discord.

To deploy traders in various asset classes, we provide one-on-one coaching sessions, self-learning modules, and trade ideas to help them learn and improve their skills

Over the past six years, the firm has achieved exceptional results, capturing 56,027 market points. This implies its trading methodologies are effective in producing significant gains, despite the occasional losses. Its track record and commitment to excellence make it a valuable partner for traders at all levels. Furthermore, recognizing its excellence, APAC Insider has awarded N P Financials the title of Best Regulated Prop Trading Firm for the year 2023. Its vast outreach is also evident in its popular YouTube channel, which has over 100,000 views.