MSP Corp: Integrating the Power of MSPs to Boost Success

Ravi Ramharak, Co-Founder and Managing Director Mergers & Acquisitions

The time of progress is ripe for MSPs right now. The rapidly growing cloud adoption and the widespread acceptance of workfrom- home arrangements have increased the demand for better remote monitoring services. Businesses are currently installing new hybrid infrastructure solutions and entrusting MSPs with maintaining their mission-critical systems and procedures in addition to their daily IT operations. A highly specialized team of MSPs can integrate chaotic systems, deal with outages, and get beyond the coexistence pain that can occur when organizations merge. Needless to say, MSPs present a viable option for organizations that seek skilled, trustworthy partners who can regularly provide services and assistance, all at a better cost.

And yet, without MSPs, businesses can face roadblocks, especially when independent MSPs themselves face huge challenges in their day-to-day operations. As a team of IT professionals, they bear the responsibility of providing industry-leading technology, hardware and software solutions, cloud technology and support while also having to manage their finances, operations, and bottom line revenue.

Tackling this need head-on, MSP Corp partners with high-performing Managed Service Providers in Canada and the U.S. to provide resources, technology, and business support to empower exceptional MSP teams.
The company delivers the best of both worlds for independent MSPs by creating a close mesh partnership with them. It works with partners, providing them access to a full stack of solutions while removing the roadblocks associated with technology that limit their capabilities in running their business. From email, cybersecurity, virus and malware, ticketing, support systems, password management, backup solutions, compliance, documentation, web hosting and marketing, MSP Corp brings to bear its unrivaled industry expertise to help their—and their clients’—soar.

As Ravi Ramharak, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Mergers & Acquisitions at MSP Corp, says, “We enable the best to be even better.”

As operators run by other operators, MSP Corp leverages its 20 years of industry experience and understanding of every role and brand value to bring the best and brightest MSPs to the fore. This puts a great deal of responsibility on the MSP Corps’ shoulders, for whom their partners are like family. They are MSP Corps’ ideal source of feedback, driving them to do their job as best as possible. As a team, MSP Corp and its partners begin every engagement with a centralized audit of every client asset and infrastructure. The company comes in and looks at the technology, process, and delivery of the system they want to improve. MSP Corp will then outline what the client requires, including speed, reliability, cost or security, and then deliver the solution ideally suited to meet that requirement.

For instance, as cybersecurity takes on greater precedence in enterprises, businesses are realizing the value of an outside set of eyes on their security posture. Internal teams help a lot but are likely to miss things because they’re comfortable with their home base.
MSP Corp provides cybersecurity specialists who act as an outside consultant, helping spot the chinks in their armor. MSP Corp’s partners are able to provide all of these advantages across a wide range of requirements and fields of application. Most recently, a healthcare client running a 70-doctor clinic approached MSP Corp to work on their infrastructure. The client’s existing EMR system was consistently crashing while their internet was unreliable at best. The clinic’s internal team was overwhelmed with tickets and had no clear idea of how to address the situation.

MSP Corp came in, examined their infrastructure, and got to work updating their EMR and internet connection. As a result of the engagement, MSP Corp was able to bring more redundancy, taking the clinic from 30 hours a week in downtime to zero within a span of just two months.

We enable the best to be even better

How do they manage to deliver such effective outcomes? The answer lies in MSP Corp’s unique core values,

1. Their experience in the field of healthcare

2. Their ability to look at their work holistically as a standard business. The company delivers generic solutions that are easy to deploy, work instantly and don’t require long-term timelines.

3. The continued support from their clients, which comes from their trust in MSP Corp

“We started the business to empower the MSP space. Our big focus is to give entrepreneurs a home to sell their business, but trust us with the legacy they created. Our growth in Canada has been pretty meteoric and we plan to expand to the U.S. and Europe in 2023,” says Ramharak.