• 20 Most Promising Technology Companies Founded and Managed by Indians in The Canada - 2022

    With a nominal GDP of USD 2 trillion, Canada's economy ranks the ninth largest globally. It is unsurprising that Canada is one of the leading economies in the world. Given its proximity to sea routes, modernized cities, top-ranked educational institutions, access to the U.S. market, and growing industrial and service sector. Over the years, Canada has also grown in popularity as a preferred immigration destination and international business hub. That said, Indians represent a significant percentage of immigrants to Canada in economic categories, including skilled employees, entrepreneurs, self-employed, investors, and provincial candidates. For its part, the Canadian government has streamlined the application process for working visas for tech professionals and offers a clear path to permanent residence. Canada's new multi-year immigration levels plan aims to ease the challenges of an aging workforce and a dwindling labor force. Canada is anticipated to boost legal immigration to 350,000 per year in 2021. The country is benefiting from a diversion of Indian entrepreneurs from the U.S. due to the challenges of obtaining and renewing H-1B visas and finding a reliable route to permanent residence. Additionally, hundreds of Indian high-tech experts are leaving the United States for Canada due to better immigration policies designed to protect domestic workers in the United States. This edition of the S.I. Tech Canada 2022 review brings into the spotlight some compelling stories of Indian entrepreneurs who have taken the industry by storm. It features a combination of thought leadership articles from Murali Bandaru, EVP/Chief Information and Digital Officer, American Tire Distributors, and Rajeev Kaul, Corp Vice President, McDonald's, with real-life stories on fostering robust partnerships and exclusive insights from CIOs and CXOs. It also brings you the stories of the most promising technology companies founded and managed by Indians in Canada in 2022, like ClarityTTS and MSP. ClarityTTS provides the most accurate and cost-effective Single API Solutions for fast-growing travel businesses worldwide. MSP uses strong tool sets and business support services to drive technology and performance for its MSP partners. This edition will assist you in choosing the right technology companies according to your requirements. We present to you the 20 Most Promising Technology companies founded and managed by Indians in Canada - 2022. Let us know your thoughts.

20 Most Promising Technology Companies Founded and Managed by Indians in The Canada - 2022

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Acuva Technologies Manoj Singh, Chief Executive Officer Acuva Technologies is a global leader in UVC-LED disinfection technology. They design, develop and manufacture advanced UV-LED systems for water and surface disinfection applications around the world
Blazeclan Technologies Varoon Rajani, Chief Executive Officer Blazeclan is amongst the world’s leading providers of public cloud services with a proven history of helping enterprises unlock the value of cloud computing. Invested in developing cloud-enabled business transformation capabilities, Blazeclan’s expertise in multi-cloud, advanced analytics,, AI and machine learning, application modernisation has helped companies achieve agility, automation and enhanced user experience
Can Technologies Shahriar Varkiani, CEO & President Can-Technologies is an innovative engineering company specialized in providing health & safety solutions, energy management solutions, process optimization, electrical design, control & automation, IOT, industry 4.0, and digital transformation to a variety of industries
Canvass AI Humera Malik, CEO, Co-Founder Canvass AI is a global leader in AI industrial software. Its patented technology enables intelligent industrial operations by putting AI directly in the hands of plant operators - empowering them with data-driven insights to improve production processes and optimize assets – without requiring coding skills
Clarity TTS Thava Tharmalingam, CEO ClarityTTS is a company that allows a single platform to integrate many commodities pertaining to the travel industry. With their certification of NDC level 4 and their rapport with IATA, ClarityTTS provides a platform for buyers and sellers to start their travel businesses without an upfront cost
Cluep Karan Walia, Co-founder & CEO Cluep is an artificially intelligent mobile advertising platform that targets people based on what they are sharing and how they are feeling on social media and where they are going. Powered by a patented text-analysis, proprietary image recognition and location intelligence engine, Cluep allows brands to target the right audiences and serve them one to one messages that are highly relevant and at scale
Computer Modelling Group Ltd. Pramod Jain, CEO Computer Modelling Group Ltd. is widely recognized as the market-leading developer and supplier of advanced reservoir simulation tools. CMG develops innovative, easy-to-use reservoir simulation software. The software empowers customers to maximize hydrocarbon recovery by applying the most profitable production processes
Cyclebit "Pavel Jur’evič, Founder Cyclebit is the leading mPOS provider in Eastern Europe. Cyclebit payment system allows one to sell crypto to their customers. Options include selling to any mobile wallets or topping up Cycle Cards. 2can terminals can accept cash, card and contactless payments by card or smartphone
IRD Rish Malhotra, P.Eng., ICD.D, President & Chief Executive Officer IRD (International Road Dynamics Inc.) is a multi-discipline, technology company with the expertise to integrate complementary ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems) technologies into systems designed to solve unique and challenging transportation problems
Knoldus Vikas Hazrati, CEO & Co-Founder Knoldus specializes in digital product engineering and uses Fast Data Intelligence with Functional Programming. The company's cutting-edge, future-ready technology can transform systems, processes, and applications to achieve maximum business impact in the shortest time possible
Maple Diversity Communication Niraj Sinha, Chairman & CEO Maple Diversity is a full-service Multicultural Marketing & Advertising agency, with over a decade of success connecting Canadian brands with diverse ethnic consumers. They provide, Strategy & Planning, Creative & Production, Media Planning & Buying, and in-house Research data and insight-driven solutions
MSP Corp Ravi Ramharak, Co-Founder and Managing Director Mergers & Acquisitions MSP Corp partners with high-performing Managed Service Providers in Canada and the U.S. to provide resources, technology, and business support to empower exceptional MSP teams. The company delivers the best of both worlds for independent MSPs by creating a close mesh partnership with them.
Peekapak Ami Shah, Co-Founder & CEO Peekapak is a blended social emotional learning (SEL) program that provides engaging literacy aligned SEL content for elementary and middle school students. Their solutions allow educators and administrators to monitor students' progress using a data-analytics tool embedded within the curriculum
SigmaRed Technologies Kashyap M., Co-Founder SigmaRed Technologies enable accelerated identification and remediation of AI Risks across Bias, Explainability, Robustness and AI regulatory compliance. SigmaRed platform enables comprehensive third-party AI risk management (AI TPRM) and rapidly reduces the cycle time of conducting AI risks assessments while providing deep visibility, control, stakeholder based reporting, and detailed evidence repository
Stridely Solutions Kunal Shah, President & CEO Stridely Solutions is a top IT consulting company and global technology solution provider enabling cusomers to avail digital transformation solutions based on cutting-edge technology tools and platforms. They are globally present in more than 18 countries and are constantly enhancing their span of services around custom software development, Enterprise Mobility Solutions, and the Internet of Things
Supra ITS Sanjeev Spolia, CEO Supra ITS is a Full-Service Technology Partner, providing customers across a variety of industries with seamless, extensive infrastructure and managed IT services that deliver value, business efficiencies and boost performance
Tangentia Vijay Thomas, CEO Tangentia is a world-leading provider of digital transformation solutions. They help companies make an impact using cutting edge technology that helps them transform, grow, or bounce back in today’s competitive digital landscape
UofT AI Jeannie Yoo, Co-President UofT AI's goal is to inspire the next generation of leaders in the field of artificial intelligence and to expand the conversation about using machine learning as a force for good
Virtace Bren Sambunathan, CEO Virtace is Canada’s leading IT managed services, information security, and automation technology solutions experts. As a platform-independent solution provider, they can help their clients to navigate a wide range of automation, Cloud, and security options available in the market to choose what is best for them
Zighra Deepak Dutt, Founder & CEO Zighra is a security solution that combines the power of AI, behavioral biometrics, sensor analytics and environmental intelligence to reduce or eliminate the need for passwords. The Zighra platform is designed to guard and protect access with vault-like security