Mindflight7: Empowering Students to Reach Their Potential

Gone are the days when career exploration was limited to pamphlets, slide presentations, and a speaker. Today, students can step into different professions and industries through the power of virtual reality (VR). With its immersive and interactive multisensory experiences, VR provides a unique and engaging way for students to explore existing and emerging career pathways and gain relevant experience. By accessing a variety of careers and their practical aspects, students gain a better understanding of their interests and abilities, positioning themselves to make more informed decisions about their future career paths. For example, students can now perform open-heart surgery, learn how to drive a forklift, code in VR, or visit the NASA space station, all while sitting in their classrooms. Through its innovative use of VR, Mindflight7 provides students with an exciting way to explore potential careers and subject pathways. It delivers inspiring and immersive programs through its advanced VR technology, driven by a passion for helping students make informed decisions about their subject selection and career paths.

Needless to say, Mindflight7 eliminates geographic limitations with its solutions and provides equal access to career coaching programs and career exploration tools that were once out of reach for many students, including those in regional areas. Mindflight7 is transforming the way students approach their career exploration process, making it more relevant and aligned with the high-tech world they are living in and the career paths of their futures.

Led by a team of experienced professionals, Mindflight7's unique proposition centres on the concept of enabling students to "See Your Futures." This core concept drives the team's approach to redefine education and career decision-making for students, knowing that, on average, they will have seven careers over their lifetime. By giving students the chance to experience different subject areas in a practical and engaging way, where "Experiential Learning" is key, Mindflight7 is changing the way young people approach their education and future career choices.

To accomplish their goal, Mindflight7 partners with over 300 schools across Australia, providing programs ranging from 90 minutes to 12 months, integrating education and career experiences for their students. This collaboration enables students to connect with field experts and engage in virtual hands-on learning experiences that would otherwise be impossible in the real world.
"What we're trying to do is help students make more informed choices. It's still going to be a journey for them because that's how we all learn, but at least it's a better, more informed journey than just being driven by their peers, family interests, and societal norms," says Kajal Pala, co-founder and CEO of MindFlight7.

From subject immersion experiences like chemical reaction engineering and distillation processes to trade-related simulations such as real-life complete protection training programs, Mindflight7 offers a full range of programs that expose students to diverse career paths and subject areas. Students can explore new worlds, perform virtual surgeries, work in project groups, and engage in interactive learning experiences they won't forget. A facilitated program with a gamified approach to learning ensures students are fully engaged and excited about learning, while teachers can enjoy watching their students thrive in a new learning environment.

In partnership with many other innovative companies passionate about making a difference in education, Mindflight7 offers four innovative products to high schools, enhancing student learning experiences and engagement levels.

Service One: Our Facilitated Incursions deliver tailored in-school programs in various subjects and career areas to engage students, aligned with the national curriculum framework. We have successfully delivered incursions to over 23,000 students in Australia.

Service Two: Our Mobile (or fixed) Virtual Reality Room supports schools in building their VR capability by deploying headsets, providing resources and subscriptions for teachers, and offering professional development sessions for educators. We have established over 30 VR Room schools in Australia that are growing in strength.

Service Three: The Mindflight7 High Metaverse is a platform for VR calls with collaboration in mind, designed for multi-campus as well as classroom immersion. This product is newly launched.

Service Four: We offer a VR Curriculum, a subscription-based service providing access to our training and school material, along with a library of hundreds of VR experiences designed to help students learn in a fun and engaging way.
The Mindflight7 approach helps students explore their interests, strengths, and potential while preparing them for their future careers, both in traditional career paths and in new and emerging careers within the STEM areas, as that is where the greatest job growth will come from.

What we're trying to do is help students make more informed choices. It's still going to be a journey for them because that's how we all learn, but at least it's a better, more informed journey than just being driven by their peers, family interests, and societal norms

As a forward-thinking and innovative company, Mindflight7 is changing education using cutting-edge VR technology. Its success stories speak for themselves, with disengaged students becoming fully engaged in their learning and special needs students who have never before been able to fully participate in class becoming enthusiastic learners through its VR programs. Mindflight7's commitment to inclusivity and accessibility is evident in its programs, as it removes barriers to access and creates a learning environment for all students.

With its fun, interactive, and tailored learning experiences, Mindflight7 provides all students with opportunities to explore their interests and potential career paths in the privacy of VR. They are free to explore and try new things and fail gracefully, as in VR, mistakes are free. They can explore subjects and careers in a judgment-free environment. We have witnessed hundreds of students adopting a growth mindset in VR, which they are not as readily willing to do in real life.

As a leader in the education technology space, Mindflight7 is paving the way for a brighter future for students around the world to dream more and fulfill their potential.