Grainite: Simplifying Building Streaming Data Apps

Ashish Kumar, Co-Founder & CEO

Event streaming platforms have emerged as a business imperative to unlock the full potential of data, gain actionable insights on trends, and sustain a competitive edge.

In a world where time is a luxury and changes are inevitable, developers are beginning to give a ‘hard look’ at expediting these event streaming platforms’ development lifecycles. The existing processes, however, involve a host of applications from data ingestion to processing, making it long-winded, resource intensive and requires an expert team well-versed in all tools at play.

Grainite, a software development company, is at the forefront of changing this status quo in building event streaming apps through its purpose-built converged platform. Crafted by experts with extensive experience in developing highly scalable databases and dynamic ad infrastructure, it provides companies with a streamlined approach to app development.

“From the get-go, our mission was to seamlessly stitch eight or ten core technologies into one cloud-agnostic platform to address the lack of a custom-built infrastructure for this niche,” says Ashish Kumar, co-founder and CEO of Grainite.

The Grainite platform eliminates the interoperability discrepancies between incompatible tools, such as Kafka, Flink, and Redis, which is instrumental in increasing developer efficiency.
It has raised the bar high as the first-of-its-kind fully converged platform with a single API and backend, offering a unified architecture for rapid iteration and deployment.

“Convergence of these tools needs to go beyond simply packaging all existing products onto a single pane of glass. It should be user-friendly and help mitigate cumbersome operational worries,” says Kumar.

Staying true to the mission, Grainite has developed the platform with highly intuitive features. The platform currently holds the nametag as the only solution that natively integrates a database and advanced queuing (AQ) capabilities. It enables clients to build the same application in onetenth of the development time and cost. They no longer need to invest resources in finding subject matter experts on each of those eight to 10 different products; instead, they can hire more generalists in Java or Python. The platform empowers generalist developers and levels the ground for developing complex realtime applications.

Developers only need to focus on the business logic and use cases in question, as the platform gives no elbow room for concerns regarding integration, compatibility, crashes, and reboots. All these processes are handled automatically within the Grainite platform. Users can develop, test, and deploy apps directly into cloud environments without requiring expensive devices and additional applications. Regardless of industry vertical or company size, companies can now build enterprise-grade applications with the same level of efficacy in terms of latency, scalability, performance, throughput, and high availability.
A recent client success story substantiates this claim. Grainite collaborated with a healthcare SaaS solution provider struggling with sharded relational databases inundated with many instances. They wanted to build a new application based on microservice architecture, which required them to get all updates on those existing databases. By deploying the Grainite platform in the middle, older monolith application and newer microservices-based application information got replicated in real-time with high availability, enabling the client to make the most of their solutions.

From the get-go, our mission was to seamlessly stitch eight or ten core technologies into one cloud-agnostic platform to address the lack of a custom-built infrastructure for this niche

In a similar vein, Grainite helped a client who processes high volumes of financial data improve their guaranteed delivery. It mitigated the discrepancies in receiving multiple data points into Salesforce, which impacted their queuing and processing as it required additional API calls and many retries every time. The platform essentially acted as the intelligent middleware between the source and multiple sinks, enabling real-time high availability at low latency and robust consistency during data transfer.

These instances illustrate Grainitie’s capabilities in solving the complexities associated with combining databases and data queues. Grainite is en route to democratize real-time applications and supplement generalist developers in building and streaming data applications for their specific business use cases.