ConverzAI: Scaling Candidate Engagement with Voice AI

Ashwarya Poddar, CEO & Founder

Conversations are the core of the business world’s most valuable processes. This inspired one company, ConverzAI, to develop and offer a highly efficient and scalable platform for omnichannel engagement that delivers fluid and dynamic conversations. Today, ConverzAI equips U.S. staffing agencies with Voice AI to scale their candidate engagement strategies, boost their topline revenue, and create better candidate experiences.

“The near-instant deployment of our Voice AI platform creates immense transformational value for staffing and recruitment agencies because it directly impacts their top line,” Ashwarya Poddar, CEO and founder of ConverzAI.

The patented Voice AI platform connects to the client’s applicant tracking system (ATS), enabling it to source and screen numerous candidates that match the job description regardless of the vertical. First-of-its-kind in the industry, Voice AI facilitates dynamic and fluid candidate engagement and outreach through its fully orchestrated omnichannel system, including phone calls, e-mails, text messages, and voicemails.
It enables staffing and recruitment firms to qualify candidates through meaningful and human-like conversations that typically span six to twenty minutes, sparing staffing agencies time and effort to do the same.

These conversations are instantly summarized and offered as realtime insights to recruiters in their ATS, facilitating a faster and more seamless hiring experience. The Voice AI platform empowers clients to effectively screen and submit qualified individuals at quick turnaround times, which is instrumental for the highly competitive staffing industry.

Clients can quickly submit qualified candidates within a day or two of the job posting; candidates submitted first have a higher chance of being selected for the role. Immediate customer outcomes stem from the near-instant deployment of the Voice AI platform. Within five days, staffing firms are able to deploy the platform and begin screening their first candidates with Voice AI. The easy-to-use features allow clients to delegate tasks to the platform immediately, access realtime insights from conversations, and tailor recruitment strategies, increasing revenue. The platform’s dynamic functionality also includes enriching the client’s ATS database with information that alters future screening processes, such as the candidate’s disinterest in the opportunity.
Poddar explains how Voice AI helps U.S.-based recruitment agencies boost their topline revenue with a success story. A staffing company based in the Northeastern region of the U.S. focused on finance, accounting, and engineering roles, used ConverzAI to mine their ATS for job-relevant candidates. It sourced 2000 potential candidates, engaged 455 in conversations, and delivered the qualified ones to recruiters for submission within just seven days. In comparison, a team of recruiters typically takes four weeks to achieve the same results. Furthermore, the client experienced a topline growth of $215,000.

The near-instant deployment of our Voice AI platform creates immense transformational value for staffing and recruitment agencies because it directly impacts their top line

The Voice AI platform features, as mentioned above, are applicable throughout the recruitment workflow. Its development is attributed to ConverzAI’s highly experienced and diverse workforce, and their in-depth understanding of how meaningful conversations are instrumental in effective recruitment. Constantly improving the Voice AI platform to enhance the candidate experience makes ConverzAI a one-of-a-kind solutions provider for the staffing industry.