Foray Software: Tailor Made Talent Management Solutions Offering Proactive Results



Today companies are demanding more from less while coming in terms with the fact that success comes from a strong pool of talent. The talent management industry is taking a new turn, leveraging talent management solution for streamlining the recruitment process. With such upsurge in demands, the market is predicted to reach $11,367 million by 2019, requiring providers to poses distinguished attributes to make their place in this vast space. As a prominent player of this industry, Foray Software is carving a niche for itself through its unique methodology of engineering approach to talent management (and its four pillars – recruitment, performance management, learning & development, and compensation) while facilitating the clients with high performing corporate soldiers who can comply with the present dynamic market.

This helps the company to hold a distinguished ground in the pool of some of the best solution providers in the market. The approach usually caters to adopting technical knowledge for servicing clients with tailor made solutions and assimilating a better
conversion ratio. Most of Foray's recruitment team has IT experience and are engineering graduates who consider recruitment as technology job and not a specific HR job. Specialised in providing a combination of solution and service to its clients, Foray focuses on automation and optimization by hiring and developing employees predominantly on their technical skills who eventually undergo technology trainings and offerings, thus making it a pioneer in providing cross technology offerings.

Foray employs innovative techniques to access and manage best talents on current skill sets, emerging technologies and next generation trends

Established in 2011, Foray employs innovative techniques to access and manage best talents on current skill sets, emerging technologies and next generation trends. These techniques are executed based on technologies of application development, ERP, quality assurance & testing, and data management, while the company especially coordinates in ramping up of project teams under the umbrella of planning, initialization, optimization, and sustainability. Vasu Vajja, MD & CEO, Foray Software, states, "It just can’t be software, but a deep understanding of technology requirements. Any services organization can tell us how important a role of resource
management can play and more now as we need resources to work on multiple technology offerings. We will have to have deeper understanding on technologies to ensure employees have continuous learning”.

Taking a Different Path

Unlike the common notion, Foray believes that a good resource management diverts the focus from ‘Is this person a good fit for this role?’ to ‘Is this person not only a good fit for this role, but also for the company and his future roles?’ As Larry Bossidy quips, “There is no way to spend too much time on obtaining and developing the best people” , the Foray team tirelessly delves into fine tuning the employees as per clientele requirements while harbouring the ability to effectively hire, retain, develop and engage talents at all level, thus giving it a competitive edge. Its work ethic guarantees a reactive result rather than a proactive one depending upon realistic ideas instead of assumptions.

A breed of a different horse, Foray acknowledges and supports the employees’ achievements and its flawless functioning has aided the company in bagging government projects like automation of police stations and RTC in both Telugu states and an exclusive clientele responsible for inventing field-programmable gate array (FPGA) while being associated with two Indian IT giants. A Rs.70-80 crore company, Foray’s prime goal is to reach 1500 employees in India and 350 in US. “We would like to see our employee happiness index to reach nine out of 10 in coming years,” concludes Vasu.