Firework: An Omnichannel Experience for Next-Gen Consumers

Anand Vidyanand, Chief Commercial Officer

Ever since the pandemic disrupted human interaction, businesses have increased their adoption of videocentric approaches to offer an unrivaled customer experience. Over the last few years, videos have proven to be effective tools in helping companies expand their customer connection and retention. In today’s visuallyoriented environment, video marketing is dominating as a communication tool, not because of social distancing but because it is a powerful way to connect with anyone, anywhere, anytime. The unchallenged dominance of shortform video content on social media platforms encouragesdigital publishers to use vertical videos to drive more traffic to their sites. As digital transformation offers organizations an opportunity to understand the modern-day buyer, engage with them, and meet their expectations with an omnichannel customer experience, Firework’s end-to-end SaaS solution helps thousands of brands create lasting relationships with their customers. The company’s platform enables businesses to use videos to transform their websites into social and storytelling hubs, allowing them to develop stronger, longterm relationships with consumers.

Firework is the world’s leading immersive digital transformation and engagement platform, featuring shoppable videos, live streaming commerce, and monetization capabilities. As video consumption has grown manifold over the past decade, the platform provides the technology infrastructure that supports vertical, short video web stories to publishers, businesses, media outlets, retailers, and individuals. “To solve the problem of low customer engagement, we created a platform for video content creation which allows websites to integrate social media marketing strategies,” says Anand Vidyanand, the Chief Commercial Officer of Firework.
Powering direct-toconsumer brands, retailers, and media publishers worldwide, Firework brings interactive video experiences to websites and mobile applications. Customers can create and host native, shoppable video content for engaging product discovery, seamless shopping experiences, and a deeper emotional connection with consumers through the platform.

Through our platform, we enable customers to easily create, host, and curate immersive short-form and livestream video on any site on the open web

However, maintaining relevant video content and quickly publishing them can be challenging. By leveraging Fireworks’ platform, users can create and post videos in a short time frame. With studies showing that the human brain processes visual media at nearly 60,000 times the speed of text, the platform enables users to create their videos or connect with millions of other creators to bring further authenticity to the live streams. “Through our platform, we enable customers to easily create, host, and curate immersive short-form and live stream video on any site on the open web,” adds Vidyanand.

Traditional digital publishers still rely on a combination of text, image, and horizontal video formats for content publishing. However, by leveraging Firework’s advanced technology, publishers can switch to an impactful, videopowered ‘story’ experience to improve customer engagement. Furthermore, Firework also provides fully integrated e-commerce, data sharing, and one-click transaction capabilities to create an engaging online shopping experience.

Two client case studies that showcase the competence of Firework are its interaction with a retail store and an entertainment company.
In the first instance, a large retail store wanted to attract more customers and improve their customer engagement. By leveraging Firework’s omnichannel video software solutions, the client enabled livestream shopping directly from their retail store. Right from ideation to concept creation to final execution, Firework workedclosely with the client to enable a genuine omnichannel experience which eventually led to an increase in the number of customers visiting the store. Moreover, Firework also facilitated shoppable interactivity by associating QR codes with the appropriate product, which enabled customers to engage directly with product videos. In another instance, an entertainment company wanted to incorporate videos on their website to simultaneously build a web presence and add variety to content strategy. Creating and publishing video content for the website was a real challenge for the company until they collaborated with Firework. The client observed a significant boost in information consumption through videos after using Firework’s platform. Furthermore, the client could also publish vertical format videos for mobile users. As a result of successful collaboration, the entertainment company seeks to build on its relationship with Firework in the near future.

Firework has perfectly blended a team of experts from various industries to create a common platform that can house varied use cases and customers from all over the globe. Indicative of its name, Firework helps brands transform their customer experience strategy in an immersive and aesthetically pleasing manner. Looking ahead, the US-based live streaming commerce firm’s future is bright as it recently raised $150 million in funding spearheaded by SoftBank Vision Fund— a worldwide conglomerate holding company. With this funding, Firework plans to expand its technical, product, and marketing teams while also focusing on enhancements to its comprehensive platform. For the next 20 years, the company aims to power the video-centric, mobilefirst, decentralized, and democratized open web.