Fastway Constructions: Building a Sustainable Future with Integrity

Sushil Kumar, Director

Fastway Constructions has swiftly emerged as a model of customer-centricity in London’s competitive construction sector. Under the leadership of Sushil Kumar, the firm’s director and an authoritative figure in the field, the company has set a new standard for operational transparency and project delivery.

Kumar’s philosophy—that true success hinges on making promises and fulfilling them—stems from his rich industry experience. This principle is manifested in the company’s careful approach to project management and its collaborative efforts with the client to meet their expectations.

Renowned for executing high-quality building projects and specialized trade constructions, Fastway ensures that each endeavor adheres to the utmost standards from start to finish. Its expertise spans commercial and domestic buildings, offering services like new builds, expansions, loft conversions and complete house finishes. This multi-trade capability facilitates seamless coordination throughout the construction process, significantly boosting project efficiency and client satisfaction.

Kumar’s commitment to sustainability is a cornerstone of Fastway’s operational ethos. The firm is committed to reducing the environmental impact of construction, aligning with the UK’s goal to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050. This is reflected in its adoption of sustainable practices throughout the project lifecycle.

An impressive track record of diverse projects supports Fastway’s reputation. Its highly qualified professionals are committed to delivering projects that meet client expectations, ensuring timeliness, budget adherence and 100 percent satisfaction.

Overall, each Fastway build is a bespoke creation that reflects the client’s vision and lifestyle, setting a benchmark for quality and precision in the construction industry.

Transforming Industry Standards through Integrity

Kumar envisioned a transformative shift in an industry riddled with broken promises and under-delivered services. His journey was marked by stints at various firms, where he constantly encountered unethical practices.

“Throughout my experience, I came across situations where companies exploited their clients, not truly valuing their time and money, essentially shortchanging them and failing to deliver the full services promised,” Kumar recalls.

This exposure fueled his determination to establish a company that prioritized integrity and transparency. His team, who are distinguished by their practical knowledge and deep understanding of industry challenges, deliver services that meet client specifications. This approach ensures efficiency and effectiveness, setting a new standard in the construction field.

It offers a one-stop solution that eliminates the hassle of dealing with multiple contractors through a service package that caters to multiple clients, from individual homeowners to large corporations. The firm follows a holistic approach to constructing multi-story buildings and renovating aging properties. Fastway also provides services like glazing through trusted providers, as well as in-house capabilities such as scaffolding and ready-mix concrete, which help streamline the construction process.

By centralizing all its services, Fastway enhances efficiency and reduces a client’s logistical problems. Communication is straightforward and made easier through its website or phone call, ensuring every client receives personalized and responsive service.

Fastway’s team is involved in every project phase, from initial surveys to final handovers. They manage the delivery of materials, oversee construction processes and ensure that projects achieve the highest quality standards while staying on schedule and under budget.

By offering tailored solutions, the team is dedicated to enhancing client experience and building lasting relationships based on trust and satisfaction.
Kumar’s Transparent Approach Transforms Client Expectations

Fastway operates with a commitment to follow through on its promises, setting a high bar for consistency in every engagement. Unlike the traditional practice of engaging sporadically with clients after the project has begun, the firm ensures a continuous dialogue through weekly interactions. This practice ensures that the company swiftly addresses any concerns and provides project deliverables that meet client expectations.

The company takes a careful approach to operational management, focusing on the overarching goals and the minute details of daily tasks. Its team is trained to constantly monitor on-site dynamics and client feedback. This proactive stance keeps the team nimble and facilitates immediate adjustments in strategy or outputs based on direct client input or on-the-ground changes.

“The Key to Overcoming These Difficulties Is Perseverance. With Hard Work and Genuine Intentions, Achieving Your Goals Is Not Just A Possibility But A Certainty”

Transparency is a cornerstone of Fastway’s client relationships. From the outset, they are provided with detailed reports on material uses and budgetary allocations, fostering a clear understanding of the investment’s cost and quality. The company also uses advanced tools like 3D visualizations and video simulations to give clients a preview of the expected results—from intricate interior details to comprehensive architectural design—before construction begins. This detailed preview builds trust and confidence in Fastway’s capabilities.

On Track to Net-Zero

In the face of mounting evidence linking the construction industry to global emissions—responsible for approximately 40 percent of the worldwide total— Fastway refuses to be a bystander. The company has collaborated with the UK government to transform construction practices to build a more sustainable future. This alliance is poised to make substantial strides toward the net-zero carbon emissions target by 2050, a goal that aligns with the UK’s national environmental objectives.

“Since our inception in 2018, Fastway has focused on high-quality service and embraced sustainability initiatives. We are proud to be a part of this environmental endeavor in the construction sector,” states Kumar.

The company’s adherence to rigorous research and sustainable development principles has earned it prestigious accreditations, reflecting its alignment with the UK’s stringent environmental policies.

Fastway’s approach differs from traditional construction methods, where environmental considerations often receive minimal attention. Rather than disregarding the repercussions of demolition dust and improperly handled materials, Fastway has implemented on-site procedures that are designed to cut emissions significantly. These include advanced recycling processes and improved material handling techniques that reduce the company’s environmental impact.

Highlighting its innovative approach, Fastway recently undertook a project in London, transforming building rubble into reusable hardcore material. This initiative minimized waste and emissions, setting a commendable example of environmental responsibility in the construction sector. In stark contrast to industry norms, where mixed waste frequently ends up in incineration or landfills, Fastway has adopted a meticulous sorting process at the source. This ensures that materials like concrete are recycled, significantly shrinking the environmental footprint and reinforcing the company’s commitment to a sustainable construction landscape.

Advancing toward Global Sustainability

Implementing innovative solutions often meets with resistance, as unfamiliarity breeds hesitation. Kumar emphasizes that this understanding shapes their approach.

“Our website does more than merely list services; it explicates our unique execution methods. Fastway distinguishes itself through the quality and methods of construction. We extend our expertise beyond typical tasks such as new build and remodelling to specialize in retrofitting,” he explains, underscoring Fastway’s broad expertise.

This expertise is central to Fastway’s strategy to enhance home energy efficiency by integrating air-source heat pumps, solar panels and comprehensive insulation upgrades. Homes that were previously leaking energy are now paragons of efficiency, offering owners both comfort and significant cost savings.

Many homes built between 1930 and 1980 have inadequate insulation and outdated heating systems, a challenge Fastway addresses head-on.
The company launched a retrofitting program to update these older homes with cutting-edge, sustainable technology. This includes government-funded external insulation and modern heating solutions that reduce energy bills and emissions by shifting from traditional building methods to modular construction.

“We are now building emission-free modular homes,” states Kumar.

In 2018, the retrofitting initiative received a boost from the UK government, though it experienced setbacks due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Kumar notes, “We have successfully resumed these projects post-pandemic, now focusing more on sustainable heating solutions.”

Upon understanding the financial barriers many face with home renovations, Fastway has strategically partnered with leading utility companies like E.ON, EDF Energy and Scottish Power. By managing the renovation process and providing detailed project reports to utility companies, Fastway ensures government grants are used to minimize or eliminate homeowner expenses, making essential upgrades more accessible.

As it expands globally, Fastway’s recent entry into India exemplifies its commitment to exporting its advanced technologies and sustainable practices. Adhering to the same stringent standards abroad, Fastway is building a small city in India called Dayal Enclave on zero emission bases. This international growth strategy reflects the company’s ambition to replicate its responsible and sustainable approach worldwide, ultimately contributing positively to the planet.

A Team Dedicated to Quality and Safety

At Fastway, everyone is committed to not just completing tasks but providing quality services and ensuring safety. Kumar has fostered a culture of collective accountability that permeates every level of the organization. This ethos extends beyond the on-site personnel to include software teams, building control inspectors and everyone involved in the project.

Since Our Inception In 2018, Fastway Has Focused On High-Quality Service And Embraced Sustainability Initiatives. We Are Proud To Be A Part Of This Environmental Endeavor In The Construction Sector

“All employees hold CSC cards for their relevant trades, along with health and safety certificates and first aid, ensuring a competent, safe work site at all times,” Kumar asserts.

The team’s adherence to rigorous standards is further reinforced by the head of compliance, who oversees Fastway’s quality management processes. Comprising three in-house assessors, the company conducts thorough evaluations of properties before providing quotes, ensuring that clients receive the most valuable and effective solutions tailored to their needs.

“Our Website Does More Than Merely List Services; It Explicates Our Unique Execution Methods. Fastway Distinguishes Itself Through The Quality And Methods Of Construction. We Extend Our Expertise Beyond Typical Tasks Such As New Build And Remodelling To Specialize In Retrofitting”

A cadre of adept structural engineers and architects whose primary focus extends beyond maintaining high standards provides further support. They are dedicated to understanding and meeting client expectations, ensuring their satisfaction through exceptional service quality. This client-centered approach elevates the service quality provided and fosters effective engagement with clients on all projects, solidifying Fastway’s reputation as an industry leader.

Kumar’s Vision: Perseverance and Innovation

Kumar’s narrative is a compelling illustration of resilience and determination. Reflecting on his entrepreneurial journey, he shares a resonant piece of advice, “Don’t give up.”

Starting from the ground up and without a familial legacy, he faced numerous hurdles in the early stages of establishing Fastway. Not only were these challenges significant, but they were formative in shaping the company’s path to success. He gives a profound reflection on overcoming adversity, “The key to overcoming these difficulties is perseverance. With hard work and genuine intentions, achieving your goals is not just a possibility but a certainty.”