Empereal: Helping in Clean Energy and Water Desalination

Arun Subramony, Founder Chairman and CEO

A household name today in enabling rapidly growing economies to manage their growing gap between demand and supply in energy and fresh water, Empereal’s story began with a tub of popcorn and a will to build the largest solar power plant in the world.

While watching the movie, ‘Inconvenient Truth’ written by Nobel laureate and former US Vice President Al Gore, the importance of leaving a safer and cleaner planet for his children and their generation became apparent to Arun Subramony, Founder Chairman and CEO of Empereal.

He says, “The movie shook me up. I instantly knew it was a call to action. Sangeetha and I had just become happy parents to our twin girls, I turned 40, my mentor’s push to channel my next 40 years and the entrepreneurial bug fasttracked the dream.”

However, the idea got its wings when Subramony’s best friend, Manoj Divakaran, visited him from Geneva. Countless hours, weekdays, and weekend discussions led by Divakaran, and his confidence and thought leadership led to the launching of Empereal in 2011. As Co-Founder, Manoj architected the success of Empereal, and is recognized as an expert and key influencer globally.
Thirteen years later, Empereal successfully delivered 200 plus iconic projects. It now empowers communities by providing clean energy and pure water delivered via innovative and reliable world-class systems.

Subramony modeled Empereal to be ’sustainable without subsidies’ as he saw many renewable energy firms imploding without subsidies. It is one of the few global firms with both power and water in its solutions portfolio. He embarked on a strategy to build, buy, and partner to embellish Empereal’s credentials in R&D, solar thermal, and solar PV solutions. Investor friendliness led Empereal to Singapore, and market friendliness to adopt innovation led the company to power and water hungry markets like Asia and the Middle East. The company has excellent JV platforms in India and Middle East for solar solutions.

The movie shook me up, and I instantly knew it was a call to action. Sangeetha and I had just become happy parents to twin girls, I turned 40, my mentor’s push to channel my next 40 years, and the entrepreneurial bug fast-tracked the dream.

As an example of the company’s recent prowess, when India was putting together the largest solar thermal LFR power plant in the world, and a French giant-led consortium was given the contract. After many schedules and cost overruns, the performance of the plant was sub-optimal. Empereal stepped in and did a phenomenal quality and performance turnaround led by Dr. Sathi Viswanathan and his world-class team in a record time.
Similarly, Emperealdelivered 50 plus iconic, complex and time sensitive solar projects for EXPO 2020 in Dubai when several competitors were unable to deal with the engineering complexity, capital requirements and time pressure for this prestigious initiative by Dubai.

Empereal is grateful to its clients across Asia and the Middle East, who presented the company with pioneering opportunities and entrusted it with specialty contracts, enabling the establishment of a robust platform in engineering, procurement, management, and construction (EPCM) for renewable energy solutions in the domains of power and water. Empereal’s focus now shifts toward expanding into USA and Canada, which has shown a remarkable commitment to advancing, financing, and advocating for renewable energy solutions.

In 2024, Empereal plans to launch architectural BIPV, solar desalination, and solar PV-based solutions to U.S. clients. The company aims to bring key leadership talent to extend its presence beyond EPCM services. Empereal intends to capitalize on TimeX Capital's expertise in establishing funds, leverage tax equity dollars and private equity, to facilitate Build, Own, and Operate (BOO) of renewable energy assets in the Eastern U.S. and pivotal states such as Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, and California. Accredited investors in the U.S. will have the opportunity to engage and reap the benefits of Empereal's expansion by participating in investment opportunities.

The company's strategic trajectory over the next five years includes a robust pursuit of exploring IPO options in U.S. stock exchanges.