Elevondata: A Cloud Systems Integrator with a Goal to Lower the Cost of Data Management for Enterprises

Rohit Tandon

Founder & CEO

“My dream was to build a world-class organization, and that is what I have been pursuing,” states Rohit Tandon, Founder & CEO of Elevondata. Having dealt with all disciplines of data management in his career, Tandon witnessed green shoots of Hadoop and Cloud in the early days. This led him to conceptualize an IT services provider that could help organizations leverage Cloud for their little or big data needs. The traditional data warehousing appliances such as Exadata, Netezza, Teradata etc. cost millions of dollars even at the scale of SMB’s, and then you had AWS Redshift in 2013 that cost $1000 per terabyte per annum. This helped formulate the vision to help lower the cost of data management for enterprises. In addition, the “shiny object of Business Intelligence had evaded adoption at SMB’s and start-ups due to cost-prohibitive nature of IaaS, PaaS, ETL and BI Tools,” says Tandon. This is where the Cloud and Open Source Software (OSS) married his vision of lowering the cost of data management. All of this wrapped up as fixed price managed services on top. The market sweet spot was evident, and he went headlong with his strategy to build Elevondata, and it started paying off right off the bat.
Standing out as a Cloud System Integrator, Elevondata’s initial mission was lowering the cost of data management while providing a highly simplified and casual interaction with customers then what they experience with traditional SI’s. The company today offers Managed Cloud Services, Data Modernization Advisory and road mapping services, and Managed Services for Cloud-based Data Warehouses, BI and Analytics, RPA and Blockchain Development. It serves all industries but has a strength in Financial Services, Payment Processing, Healthcare, Distribution, Insurance etc. As customers adopt the Cloud for IT, it doesn’t relieve them of their regulatory obligations such as HIPAA, PCI, PII etc. compliance. Elevondata has deep-rooted strength in Data Governance and is able to secure the Cloud for its customers through its productized Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solutions (Secure Azure, Secure AWS) that encapsulate the policies coded in Data Governance methodologies and to track and dissipate real-time threats and anomalies.

In addition to its offerings above, Elevondata has built RegTech (regulatory technology) products for Audit and Compliance domains. Back in 2015, Tandon noticed that these two domains were manually intensive, dealt with unstructured information, had broken processes and encountered changing regulations constantly. Add to that the fact that the large Pharmaceuticals or Banks must deal with all of this at a global scale making organizations literally blind and reactive on this front, and face billions of dollars in fines if the audits don’t come out right or for non-compliance.
To this end, Elevondata has built to its big data platforms called Elevondata Compliance Intelligence Management (ECIM) and Audit Robotics Management (ARM).

A Cloud SI to help scale your innovation

A prominent payment processor in FinTech faced issues around invoice reconciliation between suppliers and retailers, while transmitting vast amounts of unstructured data in invoices that are not necessarily digitized. Elevondata developed data sciences algorithm to help automate these processes and lead the process towards its current six-sigma operation for accuracy in invoice processing, reducing pricing errors and faster settlement of transactions. The customer has filed a patent for this technology.

Looking ahead, Tandon is now focused on geographic expansion in the year 2018 in APAC and EMEA. It currently has its Offshore Development Centers in India. The firm is also in the pursuit of helping its customers achieve zero on-premise IT footprint (Funded Startups and SMB’s), via its Managed Cloud offering, an idea conceptualized by Tandon. “Given our need for intellectual appeasement, we want to be more than a development shop and pride ourselves in providing a complete end-to-end management of Cloud for our customers encompassing Cloud Adoption strategy, Application Development in emerging and bleeding edge technologies and DevOps,” concludes Tandon, with a sense of gratification.