eFuel Systems: Digitising Fuel, Energy and Convenience Retail Operations

Ketan Kale, Founder and CEO

In the last 36 years, we have worked with more than 32,000 businesses around the world. Today, innomatics eFuel Systems is a team of technical, operational and retail experts who set out to help people and organisations achieve ambitious goals by implementing simple, secure, and innovative systems.

“Our philosophy is to solve real-world business problems using the latest technology. So, we do not sell technology; we sell business solutions,” says Ketan Kale, founder and CEO of eFuel Systems.

Every business has inefficiencies. There are many systems they rely on that were not designed to work effectively with others, so businesses end up wasting time and money switching between them.

We analyse your processes and data to identify areas for improvement and efficiency. We offer customisable cloud-based management solutions to automate and centralise your most essential processes for maximum productivity.
This empowers fuel and energy retailers to simplify, digitise and automate their entire store operation. Clients can also optimise organisation-wide activities like payment processing, customer management, stock performance measurement and data analytics without necessitating programming knowledge.

The solutions are offered through its business-centric cloud platform, built within native Microsoft Azure environment, and integrated with independent functional modules. The platform functions as a sustainable ecosystem to facilitate fuel, energy and convenience retail companies to maximise productivity, reduce costs and streamline compliance operations of their businesses. eFuel Systems assists with various industry challenges, such as price volatility, supply chain disruptions and complex regulations. eFuel Systems' comprehensive expertise, derived from its team of retail experts and technology specialists, plays a crucial part in creating the customised all-in-one platform without compromising data security.

The holistic all-in-one platform solution is designed as per retailer’s requirements and upon the success of the pilot session, it is deployed organisation-wide, from their head office to retail outlets.
However, the process does not cease post-deployment. A continuous loop of analysing, optimising, digitising and automating the customer’s existing systems is performed to ensure that fuel, energy and convenience retail companies stay on top of their challenges. This allows eFuel Systems to establish a long-term relationship as their SaaS partner, guiding clients. The step-by-step methodology is unfailingly executed so that clients experience sustainability and profitability as well as provide a superior end-customer experience, despite the uncertainty of current market conditions.

Our philosophy is to solve real-world business problems using the latest technology. So, we do not sell technology; we sell business solutions

Amidst the concerns of automation eliminating multiple employment opportunities in the sector, Ketan believes that the firm’s digitisation solutions ease the personnel’s workflow and facilitate easier decision-making. His strong conviction stems from innomatics’ numerous innovations that changed the face of many sectors and helped clients in the Australian subcontinent achieve their ambitious goals. Backed by the legacy of creating simple and secure systems, eFuel System’s mission to offer opportunities for growth and expansion in today’s market makes it the reliable partner for the fuel, energy and convenience retail industry’s digitisation efforts.