DLPbox Solutions Inc: Rendering Robust Solutions to Accelerate SMEs Success in the Digital Economy

Vishal Shah, Founder and CEO

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) play a major role in almost all economies and account for the majority of businesses worldwide. Their contribution to tax collections, employment creation, and foreign exchange earnings cannot be ignored. Thus, it has become extremely important to support them to spur innovation and enhance productivity through contemporary solutions. Significantly, DLPbox Solutions Inc was incorporated in 2008 with the mission to support SMEs maintain their business continuity and avoid their competitive exploitation. DLPbox as the name suggests is an ultimate Data Loss – Leakage – Theft prevention solution designed by keeping SME requirements in mind. The firm is leveraging its innovative ecosystem with its unique business model to specifically satisfy and meet the requirements of its SME clients.

DLPbox serves as an all-in-one IT infrastructure for the company for data storage, user permissions, internet controls, email vigilance, backup, application virtualization, and cloud backup. It suffices all IT needs of an SME with a single hardware – single software nature of the product. The DLPbox solution makes sure that SMEs do not lose business continuity due to data loss, and they are not competitively exploited by data theft or leakage.

DLPbox suffices all IT needs of an SME with a single hardware – single software nature of the product

DLPbox helps SMEs to comply with data protection and information security practices affordably. The firm also offers application virtualization technology to allow SMEs to access their legacy applications remotely in work-from-home scenarios without compromising the security of data.

DLPbox differentiates itself from competitors by three points which include simplicity, affordability, and single point contact wherein it is a single hardware-single software solution offering Device Hardening Policy Server, VPN Server, Domain Controller, Storage Hardware, Mail Vigilance System, USB Control System, Internet Control System, Auto Backup System, Off-Premise Backup System. Which otherwise requires multiple hardware components and software deployments, making it simple for its customers. Further, compared to the total cost of the discrete components to achieve Data Loss, Leakage, and Theft objectives, DLPbox costs only one-third of the cost. And lastly, as opposed to multiple discrete system deployment which requires multiple agencies and OEMs to provide support, DLPbox is single point support for all the services as an integrated solution. It is easier to get technical support from a single party instead of going post by post to take support from multiple agencies.
Further, DLPbox has certain signature technologies which give a competitive edge over the others such as Forced Centralization; Autocratic Centralization system to ensure zero scatteredness by users, Device Hardening; Restricting users to do what they are supposed to do in IT environment without the use of domain controller, Active Recycle Bin; Identification of the user who deleted the data and instant recovery of deleted data from DLPbox, and Happy Hours; Automatic Data Isolation while access to Unrestricted Internet and Automatic Availability of data while access to restricted Internet.

Value-added Growth

Currently, the parent company of DLPbox Solutions Inc, which is Synersoft Technologies Private Limited, under the brand name of BLACKbox, is serving 9000 plus enterprises in India in various industrial verticals. This has given the exposure to the firm in almost every issue it could encounter and the knowledge about SME problems & requirements is putting the firm ahead on the learning curve. And as DLPbox Solutions Inc, 100 percent subsidiary of Synersoft forges ahead to reach new heights, it plans to appoint value-added distributors in the USA who will implement the product and support to the customers. This is its growth strategy to develop a distribution channel and facilitate implementation partners of DLPbox.