• SI September Featured Vendor - 2021

    In the era of globalization and digitalization, innovative ideas with the right platform are the backbone of any thriving industry. To make it a globally applicable innovation in the enterprise space, one requires markets that can provide an encouraging and financial proposal. Companies of all sizes and domains are establishing operations in overseas markets. More accessible policies and promotion of establishing industries across the globe have facilitated a secure rise in the demand for establishing business globally. For many Indian firms, the USA has proven to be one of the popular destinations. Expansion of business in the States provides several advantages, including more excellent opportunities for market growth and diversification. Enhanced credibility in the international market, attracts angel investors, taxation benefits, and many more. While in the USA, the startup and investor culture is more substantial and assists in achieving the American Dream. In contrast, companies struggle in India to get suitable investments even from the largest VC firms. Agreed, the trend is gradually changing and there are some startups capable to ink better deals. Still, the annual investment doesn't seem to be sufficient to set up an exciting business. Considering the incredible success of Indian IT services, the world has witnessed the country's most prominent talent and ideas to establish world-class enterprise solutions and trade and support them. Hence, to get high-quality early-stage capital, Indian enterprises have to create a US network and enter the market. Subsequently, the innovative ideas need to penetrate the international arena. Having said that, the US provides the initiatives with requisites to follow some of the mandatory policies and protocols. Moreover, the liberal laws on repatriation of currency in case of winding up of the company helps the Indian business. Understanding the hula-hoop of not just establishing but flourishing and succeeding in the States can sometimes become cumbersome. We get the nity-gritty of finding the right partner for your overseas venture and therefore, our panel of CEOs, CIOs, VCs, industry analysts, and the editorial board of siliconindia has narrowed down the companies and providers that are well versed with the strategic requisites of foreign markets and are ready with their suite of services to streamline your transition to the global stage.

SI September Featured Vendor - 2021

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
CaddyCode Solutions Mastan Vali Shaik, Director and Halli Ragnarsson, Founder Caddycode was incorporated in 2012 to advance the most scalable and adaptable solutions that meet the 360-degree specifications of clients. This is adequately supported by an agile product development team, high infrastructure, well-experienced product development team and flexible economic models. CaddyCode Solutions aids customers on their regular IT needs with a competitive cost structure and suggest various business Models suit to customer’s requirement. It offers a positive approach, with an eye for detail, assuring consistency on client’s daily IT requirements supported by the most efficient solutions and affordable costs
DLPbox Solutions Inc Vishal Shah, Founder and CEO DLPBox Solutions was incorporated in 2008, with the mission to support SMEs maintain their business continuity and avoid their competitive exploitation. As the name suggests, DLPBox Solutions is an ultimate data Loss, leakage, theft prevention solution that is designed by keeping SME needs in mind. The firm is leveraging its innovative ecosystem with its unique business model to specifically satisfy and meet the requirements of its SME clients. It is one of the very few the USA companies, that offer products solely focused on SMEs of the USA, who are substantial contributors to Employment, Tax Revenues and GDP
Gandalf Services Saakar Bagga, CEO Gandalf Services, founded in 2016, is a full-service customer engagement centre that offers Inbound, Outbound, Back Office and Consulting Services for outsourced environments. The vision of Gandalf Services is to change the way outsourcing works by assisting companies in growing their procedures quickly and intelligently by leveraging its efficient and cost-effective workforce based in India. With an incredible experience of years in outsourced environments, the team has served across geographies, domains, and technologies. Gandalf Services is enthusiastic about designing a niche and nimble co-operations arm for firms to manage their support surrounding and the nucleus of their offering. The firm's pleasure is to be joint-venture with the right clients in India and abroad to enhance their story while implementing concrete business upshots
Zscaler Jay Chaudhary, Founder and CEO Zscaler is a cloud security company, offering security as a service delivered through a purpose-built, globally distributed platform. To over 400 clients of the Forbes Global 2000, Zscaler has delivered secure access to the internet and SaaS apps Zscaler Internet Access. Zscaler Private Access, on the other hand, provides secure access to locally hosted applications. Both the applications are part of Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange that protects thousands of customers from cyberattacks and data loss by securely connecting users, devices, and applications in any location. These are distributed across more than 150 data centers globally