DAX Software Solutions: The Next-Gen Specialists in Cloud ERP Implementation

Sanjeev Munjal, CEO

As one of the defining parameters of any successful business, cloud-based ERP applications help countless organizations eliminate human errors, improve turnaround time, and maximize overall operational efficiency. But the problem arises when organizations start encountering broken ERP implementations. They are either due to non-strategic utilization of their resources, inability to cope with the maintenance and integration of multiple business applications, or unavailability of vendors with the necessary expertise to take on fragmented implementations and achieve complete production stability within agreed timelines.

It is for obliterating these disjointed ERP implementations that DAX Software Solutions' clients depend on them the most.

"We are a one-stop, boutique software shop helping numerous clients successfully implement ERP/CRM to optimize production stability, move into post-go-live support, and improve ongoing business processes with absolute certainty," says Sanjeev Munjal, CEO of DAX Software Solutions.

A Microsoft Gold Certified ERP implementation and support partner, DAX Software Solutions leverages the power of Microsoft Dynamics 365 to automate business processes and carry out flawless cloud ERP implementations while eliminating operational inefficiency and expediting an organization's time to go to market.
It takes charge of implementing Dynamics 365 F&O, upgrades, CRM, field services, Dell Boomi, Navision, and Business Central solutions, along with other integrations and customizations.

DAX Software Solutions also helps companies advocate outof- the-box integration of their prime ERP solution with other enterprise applications based on changing business needs. For companies looking to find a cost-effective alternative to otherwise time-consuming and expensive ERP integration processes, DAX Software Solutions has built an integration tool specifically for SMBs to streamline their integration processes and curtail expenses in this area.

A compelling instance that best showcases DAX Software Solutions' capabilities is when the company partnered with one of largest hydroponic companies in the U.S. to streamline its financial closing process. The client was dealing with many issues regarding inventory management and paying an arm and a leg to its previous vendors monthly to stabilize and resolve the issue.

As soon as DAX Software Solutions stepped in, it analyzed the entire financials of the client and spotted incorrect cost settlements and unrecorded transactions that led to the destabilization of their inventory. It helped the client set up an out-ofthe- box solution that stabilized their inventory management process and helped them reduce costs with heightened productivity. For another client in the real estate industry, DAX Software Solutions built a customized dynamic dashboard to help them get a detailed overview of resource utilization. It also helped a real estate service company streamline its financial and operational workflow with Microsoft Dyanmics 365. Integrating field services with project management and F&O accounting helped the client gain revenue recognition and track the timesheet compliance of various employees.
Behind DAX Software Solutions' reputation as a leading cloud solution provider is its team of exceptionally talented individuals with sound knowledge of business processes across diverse industries. The team spread out in different locations can offer round-the-clock assistance—from facilitating on-the-job training to UAT sessions to live system demos—and help clients successfully manage any downtime.

We are a one-stop, boutique software shop helping numerous clients successfully implement ERP/CRM to optimize production stability, move into post-go-live support, and improve ongoing business processes with absolute certainty

Fuelled by this undisputed professionalism, coupled with their technological and business acumen, DAX Software Solutions' team of experts has regularly achieved an average of 99.5 percent production stability on all implementations while maintaining a 100 percent response rate in support projects.

Building on its principle of continuous innovation, DAX Software Solutions will keep coming up with new solutions, system upgrades, application training, and support services to help more and more brands fine-tune their business processes and propel business growth.