CloudPaths: Supporting Cloud Application Platforms to Generate ROI

Sameer Ranabhor, CEO & Founder

Events like COVID-19 and the war situation affect global customer relations and supply chain operations. Challenges like these prompt businesses to reorient their existing cloud strategies, which require expert personnel to optimize and adopt the architecture on a broad scale, and reduce operational costs.

Today, CloudPaths is engaged with more than 30 different customers, It has managed manage 100 billion dollars of supply chain revenue and 500,000 user experiences, and delivered about 50 different financial transformations for different companies. The business impact it creates by helping customers adopt and deploy their respective platforms for growing their companies excites and inspires it to continue developing more solutions. Its success is reflected in it acquiring two to three customers every quarter, resulting in CloudPaths’ year on year growth of 300 percent over three years.

Backed by its experienced employees, it implements a value-based model to understand their requirements and delivers fit-gap cloud-based architecture solutions to Agriculture, Food and Beverage, Semiconductor, Hyperscalers, and Education Sectors. Its agility, which stems from being domain experts, is instrumental in building frictionless operations by partnering with industry-leading digital transformation and cloud-based solutions providers like SAP, NetSuite, and Salesforce, enabling customers to generate more ROI.
CloudPaths also assists businesses in ascertaining and tackling challenges that arise while deploying new cloud-based solutions. Its flexibility to swiftly assist companies in tackling such challenges assures seamless financial and digital transformations and the generation of ROI. Furthermore, businesses can take advantage of workshops it conducts to comprehensively understand and implement the solution the company designs. In addition, collaborating with its technological partners like SAP, NetSuite, and Salesforce gives CloudPaths first-hand insights on innovations in its pipeline, allowing them to incorporate new capabilities into its optimal cloud-based architecture solutions. Its partnership lets them directly advise customers on leveraging the recent changes accordingly.

We have engaged with more than 30 customers and are managing 100 billion dollars of supply chain revenue, 500,000 user experiences, and 50 financial transformations

“We have engaged with more than 30 customers and are managing 100 billion dollars of supply chain revenue, 500,000 user experiences, and 50 financial transformations,” says Sameer Ranabhor, CEO and Co-founder of CloudPaths.

CloudPaths has assisted numerous companies in generating more ROI with its optimal cloud-based architecture solutions and managed services. For instance, it helped a multilevel marketing (MLM) firm leverage Salesforce integrated with geo-tagging to personalize messages for 15 to 20 levels of distributors according to their locations.
This enabled the client to multiply their sales and profits. Similarly, it facilitated a large semiconductor company in reducing supply chain and inventory obsolescence costs. CloudPaths integrated cloud, AI, ML, SAP IBP, and the customer’s supply chain platforms to demonstrate the impact of changing market conditions on the inventory’s demand and supply. CloudPaths is currently working with agriculture-based businesses to provide cloud-based solutions on weather prediction and subsequent geographical demand forecasts that can support its clients in determining the quality and demand for crop yields. Predicting weather patterns like extreme heat can provide food and beverage companies with data on the forecasted consumption. In addition, the geographical forecast of demand helps them generate maximum revenue by supplying the right products.

CloudPaths’ leadership has multidimensional experience across different roles in an organization. It was created to fundamentally change the experience of our employees across their career journeys. The world is becoming agile. People want to move across countries locations and geographies. The traditional model creates too many frustrations and challenges for employees. CloudPaths has grown to more than 100 FTEs across four countries, 75 percent of these are lateral hires who are offered an industry leading benefits package. The managed service provider has also begun training and onboarding fresh graduates from the best universities and has an active woman-back-to-work initiative.

CloudPaths will continue to provide its customers and employees the utmost confidence in its capability to seamlessly deliver, no matter the challenge, making CloudPaths the preferred industry partner for cloud based digital transformation.