Data Dezign: Visualise, Decide: Data-Driven Insights Unleashed

Girish Jain, , Founder & Director

“Data is a precious thing and will last longer than the systems themselves.” —Tim Bernes-Lee, inventor of the World Wide Web.
In today’s information-driven world, raw data is generated at unprecedented speeds and visualising it yields insights that are pivotal in unlocking organisational growth and success. Data Dezign, an IT firm, assists businesses primarily from the life sciences, healthcare and pharmaceutical industries in leveraging and visualising data to make informed decisions and optimise operations. It offers personalised, innovative data solutions in multiple domains, making businesses data-driven and managing their digital spaces, enabling cross-sector SMEs to succeed digitally. Data Dezign delivers both predictive and cognitive use solutions developed from design to production and embedded within organisations.

“We follow a customer-centric approach in providing businesses with cost-effective technology solutions that they can leverage to make their businesses data driven,” says Girish Jain, founder and director of Data Dezign.

The firm works closely with organisations at every step to become data-driven and accomplish their organisational goals. As the customer’s digital partner, it offers smart data engineering solutions designing and implementing costeffective data solutions, along with the out of box AI models.
With over two decades of industry experience, Girish Jain started the company in 2019 and has set high standards for its peers to follow. It supports clients using a three-step methodology – Advice, Explore, and Deliver. As a strategic advisor, the firm enables organisations to spot, store and employ the necessary data to optimise business operations and have a competitive advantage over industry peers. The process is divided into phases and achievable targets to motivate and encourage progress.

Data Dezign begins with gathering of structured and unstructured data, probing it to determine its quality and then designs solutions to improve and leverage data. End-to-end solutions are designed and implemented to allow businesses make data-driven decisions and achieve their respective goals.

The firm also provides ready-made frameworks for the immediate implementation of smart data solutions, facilitating clients to save time, achieve business objectives and generate profits without delay.

Data Dezign has aided a multitude of clients in becoming data-driven enterprises. A compelling illustration of this lies in the case of an esteemed organisation as it grappled with the challenge of making accurate decisions due to the dispersal of pertinent data across numerous data sources. The lack of a centralised database led to discrepancies in overseeing pivotal historical decisions. Data Dezign took up the challenge and offered strategic advice, explored the scattered data and developed a solution that collected information spanning seven to eight years, which was then structured and visualised for insightful decision-making.
The solution also enabled the customer to leverage previous data to seal better deals with suppliers and accurately segment and strategize how to target each customer base.

We follow a customer-centric approach in providing businesses with cost-effective technology solutions that they can leverage to make their businesses data driven

Data Dezign also assists organisations in efficiently managing their end-to-end digital space, with services ranging from fundamental web development to creating platforms that are tailored to each client’s unique needs. The attention given while coding performance-oriented digital assets ensures clients can efficiently operate and maintain their digital ecosystem while saving time and costs on customer support. This enables clients to stand apart in the highly competitive and fragmented space. However, the firm does not hesitate to provide additional assistance whenever required, ensuring to be proactive in guiding them through managing their digital spaces.

The firm has a strong track record of working with clients in the healthcare, pharmaceutical, and life sciences industries and optimising the data journey for organisations. Data Dezign, with its technical expertise in cloud and on-premise databases, remains at the forefront of the evolving data development lifecycle. By creating innovative smart data solutions tailored to their requirements, the firm empowers clients to harness insights that unlock the secrets of organisational success. Data Design has become a benchmark of smart data solutions.