ClarityTTS: 'Uberifying Air Travel' With Simplified Multi-Airline Itinerary Management

Thava Tharmalingam, CEO

A single airline carrier, no matter how big, can hardly reach all airports existing in the world. To overcome this challenge, airlines are engaging in interline partnership with other airlines to offer larger flight products to generate incremental revenue. This transition, accelerated with the help of the International Air Traffic Association (IATA), has paved the way for greater revenue generation for airlines.

Airlines are leveraging Multilateral Interline Traffic Agreement (MITA), which is providing them a standard path to cooperate with numerous IATA carriers across the globe. With Interline Electronic Ticketing (IET), passengers are able to fly with multiple interline partner airlines with a single document. The billing and settlement services for the interline arrangements are taken care of the IATA Clearance House (ICH). The revenue sharing calculation methods are clearly defined by IATA.

The challenge for airlines, however, is in the tariff publishing for the interline products. Since this function is solely the responsibility of the ticketing airline, the ability to sell the interline product completely depends on the publishing of tariff that match the interline itinerary. Therefore, depending on the airlines internal resources and policies, many airlines publish tariff only for part of the interline products.

The Clarity MATM solution creates tariffs in real time for interline itineraries based on proration methodologies such as SPA, MPA and Alliance RAA. Its front end and GDS solutions create flight connection as per interline partnerships agreements.Clarity MATM enables access to the products and pricing to global B2B and B2C markets.
Its unique features add value to airline retailing and facilitate the acquisition of global market for distribution. The plug and play implementation and real-time pricing automation make it simple to onboard and achieve immediate results. Instant marketing is an added selling point for airline partners, enabling them to create awareness in digital and non-digital markets.

“ClarityTTS is unlocking the doors for the air travel industry through technology innovation and introducing the Multi-Airline Travel Management solution. We feel thrilled because we are one of the first travel technology companies to come up with Multi Airline Single Itinerary solution in the travel industry. Speaking about the evolution of MATM, the product was launched in 2014 and now marking its footstep through Interline business worldwide. ClarityTTS brings around global airline partners into a single platform and allows airlines to enhance their exclusive interlining services to a wide range of destinations and scale up their revenue to the next level. Through this, airline partners can access a valuable source of revenue and eliminate the challenges faced in the industry, either the fare was too expensive, or flights were inconvenient with separate documents,” said Thava Tharmalingam, founder and CEO of ClarityTTS.

ClarityTTS’ MATM platform is helping airlines solve the challenges previously faced by customers when traveling to several cities. ClarityTTS’ Uberify Airlines by expanding operations across the globe. ClarityTTS allow its airline partners to access better “Through Fares,” reach new markets, expand their network reach, and ensure consumer loyalty. The solution enables airlines to combine multiple flights into a single itinerary, saving substantial costs with dynamic pricing.

With Clarity MATM, customers can stopover in a wide range of destinations, choose convenient flight options to connect and more importantly fly on a single ticket ensuring they have their baggage all the way to the final destination. With access to published fares, Clarity MATM enables travel agencies to price the whole multi-leg trip after obtaining unpriced bookings from each airline that operates on the route.
ClarityTTS enhances the whole interlining journey of the airlines and improves the customer experience. Clarity MATM also helps travel agents to better serve customers by offering dynamic pricing without the need to refer to the airlines for any unpublished fares.

Clarity New Distribution Capability (NDC), another innovative product of ClarityTTS, is revolutionizing airline content distribution in a whole new way. Clarity NDC enables airlines to deliver innovative, unique, and customized content and allow travel sellers or even Non- IATA travel agents directly connect and start selling major NDC airlines, LCC, and GDS content from a single travel marketplace. ClarityTTS was one of the first few companies to achieve the IATA's Airline Retailing Maturity (ARM) index as a System Provider in 2021. ClarityTTS is a technology partner for 25 major airlines that has advanced its marketplace to connect airlines and consolidators to sell their travel products to global travel retailers.

ClarityTTS is unlocking the doors for the air travel industry through technology innovation and introducing the Multi- Airline Travel Management solution

ClarityTTS is The Travel SaaS (Subscription Model) platform that continues to bring innovation in the travel industry and captures business excellence for airlines, GSAs, consolidators, OTAs, TMCs, DMCs, and travel agencies. Its effective Travel Automation is the key to manage end-to-end travel business operations including schedule changes, developing unique flight itineraries, and providing detailed information and risk assessment, ensuring to bind the customer and the provider for a longer period of relationship.

ClarityTTS also offers sophisticated Travel Technology Solutions that include Clarity RMS, Clarity SWAP, Clarity ATM, Clarity IBE, Clarity API, and Clarity Rewards for Closed User Groups across the globe. ClarityTTS have a global presence in five countries, with headquarters in Toronto, Canada, and corporate offices in the United States, United Kingdom, India, and Sri Lanka.