ADEelite: Amalgamating Aesthetic Appeal & Innovation by Offering Sustainable Design Solutions

Ashish Sachdev

Founder & Managing Director.

TESCO was looking for bright interiors with sensible design that would increase productivity among its employees, while Arris and Philips looking for cost effective and innovative designs for their lab and office spaces that wouldn’t compromise on its health care surroundings. Undeterred by their diverse natures, Bangalore based ADEelite Design Consultant accepted the challenge to create sustainable, relevant and cost effective designs for these organisations by syncing its services with its understanding of the human nature and the relationship between client’s requirements and their business operations. Its exponential growth (from Rs.1crore projects to Rs.300 crore projects) since 2010 is a testament of ADEelite’s success. A personalized approach, good understanding of what the client is looking for, ideation and a very adaptive process where we spend lot of time doing research within the organization of that client is our USP,” states Ashish Sachdev, Founder & Managing Director, ADEelite Design Consultants.

Specializing in research, design briefing, building development, project master schedule design, planning and many more, ADEelite’s flagship offering in corporate interiors. It initiates by primarily designing the concepts, followed by mechanical & engineering service by adhering to global standards and comes up with strategies that would be apt in meeting the conditions. Following the discussion with clients, ADEelite plunges into an exhaustive sales work and charts out specialized design management that monitors material delivery during the site
management. The project concludes with handing over all the projects, design manuals, maintenance manuals and an agreement of three years of service to the challenges the clients might come up with. These services are offered to clients with a civil aid that maps the efficiency of the customized solutions. Emphasising on ADEelite’s adaptability, Ashish elaborates, “If we come across something interesting, our focus expands to varied verticals like retail, healthcare, residential, institutional, hospitality and many more to check how best we can fit it there”.

A personalized approach, good understanding of what the client is looking for, ideation, and a very adaptive process for research within the client organization is our USP.

Playing pivotal role in architecture, interior design and planning, ADEelite promotes sustainability and doesn’t just focus on catering to its client’s immediate requirements even in the times of instant gratification. It breaks down the requirement on the basis of the client’s industry, size and time frame of the project that is essential in determining the type of services and durability of the solutions pertaining to the projects. A ten-year old project requires long term solutions while on the other hand, short term transferr able projects require accommodative and sustainable solutions that can undergo easy transition. For instance, ADEelite was successful in mitigating 30-40 percent of cost on ducting system by suggesting a fabric based ducting layout that also proved instrumental in saving 90 percent of the client’s investment while undergoing transition. Ashish adds, “We make sure that workshops are conducted within the clients’ offices so that the transition of moving into their new spaces is easy and load free”.
Taking One Step at a Time

However, ADEelite, with its meticulous methodology, too faces discrepancies of the cost conscious design industry. The client’s highly limited budget poses a problem but the firm mitigates it by sourcing local materials and making clients aware of the functioning by conducting workshops. “In one line, we are hired to simplify complex issues,” claims Ashish. A recipient of Corporate Real Estate Award, ADEelite has been growing at the rate of 20-25 percent annually. This COA (Council of Architecture) member’s growth can be linked to the highly efficient team of 25 that is provided with monthly hands-on training on specific software called Rivet that creates a virtual work board and allows them to work seamlessly, on a single project. As a measure to gain international exposure, the employees are encouraged to attend international workshops like Orgatec in Germany that eventually helps them establish international collaborations as well. With an aim to offer smart localized solutions, ADEelite is looking forward to make its work research base and continue to provide its clients with long term solutions.

Key Management:

Ashish Sachdev, Founder & Managing Director

An architect by qualification, Ashish has 20 years of experience in commercial architecture. He tries to understand the human behaviour and culture attached to his projects. Currently serving at board level, Ashish has prior experience as team lead at RSP Designs Consultants (India) Pvt. Ltd for various multinational projects of over 3.5 million sq.ft.

Offerings: Expertise in design strategic briefing, user research, building appraisal development & planning in various sectors.

Clients: Philips, Nova Medical Centre, SLK Software, Sun Media Group, Tesco, Arris and many more.