A-C-T International: Advisor|Confidante|Trustee (A-C-T) Transforming Science Fiction into Reality

Naina Sharon Anand, Founder & CEO

For those of you thinking that all talk of Quantum Physics in Antman & the Wasp: Quantumania was in the realm of Sci-fi, think again!

A-C-T is a boutique firm working with tech start-up entrepreneurs who are trying to establish businesses at the frontiers of cutting-edge technology. The reality is that these businesses provide for the capital necessary to incubate their ideas to successful prototypes mostly through the Founder’s capital although they could attract capital to scale and create profitable businesses. Traditional wealth managers are often risk averse and do not devote personal attention to such businesses. Venture capitalists typically get interested only when the business reaches a certain valuation, and the minimum viable product is ready. These businesses need the networks and capabilities to make the markets and potential suitors understand the possible impact and essence of their ideas. This is absolutely necessary for new technologies that very few people understand.

Since 2016, A-C-T, which stands for Advisor, Confidante, and Trustee, has been one of the first companies to work with these entrepreneurs in helping them bridge these capital and marketing capability gaps. A-C-T has worked with six of the eight transformative technologies, including blockchain, quantum, biometrics, robotics, IOT, AI, and serverless computing.
A-C-T works to scale businesses during and after the discovery phase with strategy and evaluations that are key to being positioned as a competitive market player. A global ecosystem is created with various networks to engage with stakeholders.

Evaluating funding is an ongoing exercise to ensure the building of capital reserves. Introduction to investors results in traction to raise seed and Series A and B rounds of capital. A perpetual learning culture with industry updates and white papers is set up to promote the adoption of these technologies. It also navigates the regulatory requirements using a sandbox of regulations and global technical standards. Although quantum tech is in its nascent stages, ACT promoted a European technology company that has developed post-quantum encryption. It was received with great interest, and the biggest challenge of knowing what quantum technology is, was overcome with a white paper in layman’s terms to educate clients. Even experienced CTOs of large corporates went through the learning process.

The company’s founder was promoted in an educational video broadcast on Asian television to motivate youth to study quantum courses as a future career. All this resulted in funding from various investors in the Series A round and garnered recognition for the company as a trailblazer in a short span. An African agribusiness developing a unique blockchain technology in the food supply chain was advised to become ESG-driven, which successfully attracted interest and capital from investors globally and partners like the local government.
“A-C-T goes the extra mile to enhance the visibility and credibility of the company while ensuring there is reserve capital. We are working hard to acquaint the world with these new technologies, which need to be more sustainable for our planet. We have witnessed that capital and growth are organic and a natural outcome of our expertise and teamwork.

Our strong background and expertise in private wealth management helps us understand client needs and grasp their business vision. Building a business with Emerging Technologies is not for the faint hearted yet it is an exciting journey despite the challenges and uncertainties. Our job is to not only think and work in tandem with the Founders but ensure result-driven execution

So, when you are working with A-C-T, you become a member of the ‘UpperZoom Club,’ and you may end up saying hello to a young royal who has just got his NDI wallet or a Bollywood superstar who is a tech enthusiast! We believe that we are uniquely and strategically placed in people’s lives to make a purpose-driven transformation in the dynamic world of wealth and technology. Navigating the uncharted territory of new age business and emerging technology requires taking risks and finding solutions. A-C-T is passionate, relentless, and determined to persevere through any challenges that may arise," concludes Naina Anand.