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ZEUX Innovation

ZEUX Innovation

About the Company

ZEUX Innovation was founded by award winning industry leaders with a proven track record and over 40,000 hours of combined global UX consulting experience. With over 12 years’ experience in an American UX Design firm, in 2016, Saurabh Gupta and Hemal Gathani established ZEUX Innovation, a Mumbai headquartered firm which was built with a vision to design exceptional digital experiences to deliver real business outcomes. ZEUX was set up because of a strong market need to have design solutions which are focused on achieving business goals rather than just churning out pretty pictures or following a cookie cutter approach to design.

Current Market Landscape

The UX/UI designing space is at the beginning of a big revolution. Today, most companies are realizing the importance of exceptional UX and want to offer it as a core differentiator. Users on the other hand demand seamless and consistent UX across footprints and personalized solutions. With the changing expectations and the fact that the technological trends change rapidly, it is very important to deliver world class UX with speed and agility.

ZEUX has come up with its own framework and model which balances the need to be process oriented and yet can be deployed rapidly. One key thing that differentiates ZEUX from other UX/UI companies is the understanding that creating exceptional user experiences often requires cutting through the hype of the latest technological trends and distilling down to relevant use cases that will ultimately make life better for the user.


As an innovation company, ZEUX Innovation continuously strives to craft UX solutions that push the boundaries of a human being’s experience with technology. However, ZEUX’s real secret to delivering customer satisfaction and best-in-class digital experiences lies in being able to marry cutting edge innovation with specific measurable business outcomes.       

ZEUX Innovation offers a full range of UX Design and Innovation services which includes –

Consulting Offerings

- UX Assessment

- UX Research

 - UX Design

- Omni Channel Strategy

 - UX Innovation

- UX Lifecycle Management

Training Offerings

- Design Thinking in Action

- Outcome Driven Innovation

- UX Masterclass

Differentiating Factors

ZEUX Innovation’s core USP is its laser like focus on “Outcome Oriented Design”. Its core expertise lies in helping companies (with large and complex digital landscapes) leverage UX as a strategic differentiator. Empathizing with clients, understanding their core pain point and designing solutions that help move the bottom line with increased online sales, conversions, engagements, decreased costs, errors and improved satisfaction are the key factors that keep ZEUX ahead of its competitors.

Organizational Culture

ZEUX has taken the mandate upon itself to build the overall UX ecosystem and create a continuous supply of good UX talent. The firm continuously works with academia to teach and evangelize user centered design and help build UX design professionals armed with the required knowledge of UX fundamentals and methodologies. The company believes that innovation cannot co-exist with a rigid work culture. ZEUX has designed its policies to balance freedom with a flexible cultural framework that not only ensures accountability and a strong work ethic but more importantly empowers every individual to express themselves freely and maximizes their potential for creative excellence.

Regular hackathons, offsites and fun events provide opportunities for creative incubation and ensure a steady supply of fresh ideas.


ZEUX is working on several large scale UX transformation projects for large corporate such as ecommerce, software product companies, banks, NBFCs and Telcos. The company also has a special program for funded startups to help them deliver best-in-class UX to their customers.

Go-to-Market Plans

In the last one and half years, ZEUX has emerged as one of the fastest growing UX firms in India and has built a reputation of being the “go to” firm for large scale, complex and mission critical UX programs. Popularly referred to as “Salvage Expert” by clients, ZEUX Innovation is on course to becoming the world’s premier UX Innovation firm by 2020. One can expect to see thought leadership from ZEUX manifesting as disruptive design innovations that will continue to push the boundaries of a human being’s experience with technology. The firm will also continue to evangelize UX and help build the overall UX ecosystem in India.


Quick Facts:

1.         Year of Inception – 1.5 years

2.         Founding Members – Saurabh Gupta, Hemal Gathani

3.         Office Location – Hiranandani Gardens, Powai, Mumbai   

4.         Total Headcount – 22

5.         Website –