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Divami Design Labs

Divami Design Labs

Divami Design Labs

About the Company

As most businesses go online to widen their customer base and pull in more revenue, competition to remain a step forward is at its peak. To help overcome the barriers, a large number of opportunists are cashing on this opportunity by developing impactful User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) designs that not just offer an online platform but also reflect the face of a business. It was during this time when the founding team of Divami discovered their calling in the niche market space of UX & UI design. The team was quick enough to realize that there was a gap in the market which they could fill making the best use of their existing product team. Holding a clear vision of the rapidly evolving ideas and needs of today’s digital generation which is recognized User Experience and Design as one of the key ingredient for any product’s success, Divami set off to make a benchmark in the industry. And, this is what led to the inception of Divami.

With the advent of digital revolution, staying upto the mark with an online presence has become mandatory to stay ahead in business as well as to maintain a healthy connection with the consumers. Understanding this, Divami offers a comprehensive set of UX and Design services for both consumer centric and enterprise application providers. Headquartered in Hyderabad, the firm has come a long way since its inception. It’s fully fledged to a User Experience Company with the success stories of more than 100 projects. What started off initially as a product startup, today it has transitioned into a successful service organization providing the best in class UX and UI Designs. Growing as a key player in the market to fulfill the rising demands of new age UX/UI designers, the success saga of Divami is truly a stirring tale that any startup can look upto.   

Initial Challenges

The past few years have raised the stakes too high for the UX/UI designers. What is it that can help the developers deliver a tailored experience? How can developers fulfill the user demand for applications that are fast and which at the same time deliver instant results that have been customized to provide a rich experience? A lot of challenges creep in before the successful execution on any plan. Similarly, in 2008, during the initial days of inception, Divami Design Studios went through a major upheaval when it expanded beyond its original US market into the Indian market. However, believing that – ‘If there is abundance of anything in life, it is the challenges’, the founding team of Divami marched ahead to take care of the rocky path in the earlier days of its establishment.

Today, a renowned name in this field, the company has delivered dozens of successful projects across US and India. The skilled team of Divami has mastered the skills to meet the customers’ objectives. Divami has addressed each and every challenge of their clients by not only providing them the required workarounds to bridge the gap in UX but also by offering a completely optimal solution that can enhance the overall UI/UX Design in just the right way.



Divami offers almost all kinds of UX/UI services like:

  • UX/UI Strategy Consulting
  • UX and UI Design
  • UI Development
  • Logo and Branding

Differentiating Factors

Some of the unique factors which give Divami an edge over other its other competitors are:

  • Their emphasis on user research and analysis ensures that they truly understand the challenges that need to be solved and are able to empathize with the user during the design process.
  • Secondly, Divami approaches each project as a team project driving up reliability and accountability. They bring the strength and diversity to the team through their individuals, ensuring leveraging of ideas from different backgrounds and industry segments.
  • Finally, it is their time-tested process and attention to details that truly sets them apart from several others competitors in the field

So principally, Divami’s strong belief in – ‘We are only as successful as our work is’, ensures that the customers come back repeatedly because their designs have made the clients and their products successful. It is such drive for perfection and quality that has become the hallmark of Divami Design Labs’ work.

Core Competency of Divami

Divami plays myriad roles with the foremost being a trusted advisor to the client; sometimes as the voice of the user, and at times, as the devil’s advocate, to ensure that the changes are not made hastily to the product. Occasionally, they are also a reviewer who continuously monitors the progress of the project throughout its development cycle and even after it is delivered to ensure the user experience is at its best. The company ensures that the user behavior is also examined through usability testing or instrumented analytics to help identify problem areas and continuously advise the client on future plans.

Clientele of Divami and Major Verticals Catered To

Some of the major verticals served by Divami include Healthcare, FinTech, eCommerce, Enterprise Software and Analytics. The expertise of the firm in these sectors is very well reflected through its clientele which includes names like -

  • E-Pragati, Govt of AP
  • EIS Technologies
  • Informatica
  • Hospice Source
  • Marketshare/MewStar
  • Airtel/ MyRobi
  • HCL
  • Edgeverve/Infosys and many more.

    Road to the Future and Developments Expected

    The world of design is an always evolving and highly volatile space. Recent years have seen a lot of new concepts take the spotlight, thereby, increasing awareness about UX & Design in every field. Divami believes that AR/VR, IoT and AI are the going buzzwords, especially from a design perspective, as they will create a paradigm shift in the way the industry approaches interaction with technology. However, it is these shifts that provide significant opportunities for small-sized companies like Divami to go up against industry giants, be ahead of them and establish themselves as recognized leaders early in the cycle. Divami, for instance, is actively pursuing a few of these technologies, investing their R&D resources to create opportunities in new spaces. With its strong commitment and work ethics towards its workforce; attention to detailing with a goal of 100 percent customer satisfaction and their willingness to do whatever it takes to do what is right for the project, today Divami is an acknowledged name in this space and in the years to come the firm wishes to spread its reach across the industry.

    Quick Facts

    1.   Year of Inception
    - 2008

    2.   Founding Members- Naveen Puttagunta- Co-Founder & CEO; Prathima Inolu  - Chief Designer and Executive Director

    3.   Office Location - Hyderabad

    4.    Website -