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Mr. Sundaram G M
Technical Writing is writing on a specific subject for a specific purpose to a specific audience. A Technical Writer typically acts as a bridge between a Technologist on the one side and a layman on the other side. The need for... .more>>
Mr.Suresh Radhakrishnan
Opportunities for Young graduates in IT sector - by Mr.Suresh Radhakrishnan
Whats the opportunity? The Indian IT industry has played a key role in putting India on the global map and is now envisioned to become a US$ 225 billion industry by 2020. Over the past decade, the Indian IT-BPO sector has be... .more>>
In today's world, businesses have to be resilient. Corporate information is hosted on critical and complex information systems. Hence the resilience of businesses is directly connected to its Information infrastructure.... .more>>
Dr.Ram Nath
Preface: These courses are well researched & most in demand. Beauties of such courses are these are of short duration & of low course fees. Placement is not a problem as there is huge demand supply gap. If you are bud... .more>>
Arvind was the personification of the average Indian job seeker. His comprehensive resume and a host of certification courses did not impress prospective employers. So he turned to the mainframe industry which eventually helped... .more>>
SEO Training is critical for anyone wanting to excel at Search Engine Optimization. Our established training program is the best face-to-face SEO program available. We have been selected as the SEO Training partner for the majo... .more>>
Mrs.Shashi Rekha Ramesh
Career in the Wireless Domain - by Mrs.Shashi Rekha Ramesh
As the Wireless Industry has grown dynamically over the years, the impact of growth (User needs à Newer Technologies àMore opportunities) is seen. To meet the demands the need of niche skilled workers in the I... .more>>
Rakesh Roshan
In early days of 80s, there were simple applications. With the speed of light, the world progressed from mainframes and batch applications to personal computers and online applications. At the same time, there emerged a class o... .more>>
Hari Hara Sudhan
It is expected that by 2012, there will be a demand of over 5 million computer professionals as per a recently concluded IDC-NASSCOM Mckinsey survey. Hardware and Networking Industry: The World is going the Hardware and Netwo... .more>>
Hayavadan V Panchamukhi
Tester / Developer training programs at Vimarshana Academy are meant to implant required skills for freshers to make them skilled and ready resources, so that they can crack job opportunities in Telecom or I.T Industry. Teleco... .more>>
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