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May-2010  issue
Cover Story
Author: Christo Jacob
When the top notch financial services companies including MB Trading, optionMONSTER, Fifth Third Bank and others open their wallets in search of best-of-breed technology solutions, they knock the doors of Tavant Technologies. The Santa... more>>
In My Opinion
Naveen Jain
I've been an entrepreneur most of my adult life. Recently, on a long business flight, I began thinking about what it takes to... more>>
Top 10 Most Promising Tech Companies
si Team
Even in difficult economic times, technology develops rapidly and IT businesses cannot just sit back and ride out the... more>>
Vimali Swamy
A large B2B enterprise in the IT sector had great success in driving enterprise visitors to its website through multiple... more>>
Vimali Swamy
A leading graphic card designer, Nvidia has partnered with several manufacturers to which it outsourced the manufacturing of... more>>
CEO Spotlight
Chandra Sekhar Bilugu
Gartner predicts cloud computing and active monitoring of security to be among the top ten trends. These technology trends will... more>>
Bala Vishwanath
The system design industry is witnessing turnarounds at different levels. At the process manufacturing level is the concept of... more>>
Rajeev Madhavan
Today’s ICs include one or more processors, memory, and various digital silicon intellectual property (IP) blocks, plus... more>>
A Tribute
si Team
It is nothing less than losing a fortune for the makers of the new India as well as the change agents of a new world order. The... more>>
CIO Profile
Vimali Swamy
Bask Iyer is excited for times ahead. As the CIO of the $35 billion corporation, Honeywell, he is looking at making the maximum... more>>
Mahesh S. Prabhu
With software going big and complex and customers becoming more demanding than ever before, there is a need to ensure speed,... more>>
Gary Bahadur
One of the greatest challenges to privacy and security in the next several years is Social Networks and Social Media. Sites... more>>
Kunal Sarkar
Computer games now rival films as the greatest revenue generator in the entertainment industry, but games are being used for... more>>
Karthik Padmanabhan
The planet may be getting smarter, but it is also getting more dynamic and harder to predict; particularly the business world.... more>>
Editor's Desk
Christo Jacob
Winston Churchill once said “Without tradition, art is a flock of sheep without a shepherd. Without innovation it is a... more>>