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March-2003  issue
Cover Feature
Author: Karthik Sundaram
MUCH OF HUMAN PROGRESS HAS COME ABOUT because someone invented a better and more powerful tool. Informational tools are symbolic mediators that amplify the intellect rather than muscle the users...A great deal of work now involves... more>>
Cover Story
Karthik Sundaram
MUCH OF HUMAN PROGRESS HAS COME ABOUT because someone invented a better and more powerful tool. Informational tools are... more>>
Velan Thillairajah
DO A GOOGLE SEARCH ON THE TERM “WEB Services” and you’ll come up with nearly three million hits—and literally thousands... more>>
Cover Feature
Pradeep Shankar & Subhash Desai
A FEW YEARS BACK THERE WAS MAINFRAME legacy. Today there is the ERP legacy. Companies have deployed many enterprise packages... more>>
Fred Meyer
OVER THE PAST HALF DOZEN YEARS, TREMENDOUS strides have been made integrating disparate software systems. Flexibility,... more>>
Chet Kapoor
An approach to Integration that looks at the needs of the entire enterprise. IN TODAY’S MARKET THERE ARE A MYRIAD OF... more>>
Uttam Narsu
As commoditization through Web Services looms large, application integration vendors are completing their transformation to... more>>
Evangelos Simoudis
ENTERPRISE APPLICATION INTEGRATION HAS emerged as a distinct and important layer of the enterprise software infrastructure.... more>>
Keerti Melkote & Pankaj Manglik
THE BUZZ IS ON. WI-FI NETWORKS ARE mushrooming everywhere to provide high speed wireless access to the Internet not only from... more>>
Rahul Chandran
EIGHT YEARS OF R&D IN AIRCRAFT technologies finally paid off when a slim, fighter jet took to the skies. But even better,... more>>
Pradeep Shankar
MOHAMED MUHSIN, VICE PRESIDENT AND the Chief Information Officer (CIO) of the World Bank, has the privilege of demonstrating... more>>
Pradeep Shankar
THE LAST TWELVE MONTHS IN TELE-communications history have seen the bankruptcies of Enron, WorldCom and Global Crossing. This... more>>
Subhash Desai
A YEAR AGO, ICICI WAS JUST ANOTHER BANK, among a pantheon of others in the Indian banking segment. However, one bold move saw... more>>
Kris Ananthakrishnan
RIGHT NOW ALL IS QUIET, AND AN UNEASY CALM prevails. But make no mistake: this war is far from over. It won’t be long... more>>
Jagdish Dalal
IF YOGI BERRA WAS ASKED TO INTRODUCE THIS topic, he might say: “Selling outsourcing is 70% delivery and the other 70% is... more>>
Paul Prabhaker
“The American economy—our economy—is built on confidence. The conviction that our free enterprise system will... more>>
In My View
Ajay Chopra
ONE OF THE EARLY INVESTORS IN MY COMPANY once noted that, “the half life of a new start-up is measured in days.” I... more>>
VC Chakra
si Team
Pleasanton, CA based Pronto Networks has secured $5 million in its first round of funding from Draper Fisher Jurvetson and the... more>>
si Team
Xora Inc., a provider of mobile solutions for enterprise applications has raised $4 million in Series B funding from SoundView... more>>
Pradeep Shankar
CRADLE IS TAKING A BOLD STEP IN SEMI-conductor design in it’s approach to transform the chip-design process by using a... more>>
Karthik Sundaram
KEITH DALE, VP OPERATIONS AT GETTHERE.COM does his annual system capacity analysis every summer. Getthere is the engine on... more>>
si Team
IN 1907, TWO YOUNG German entrepreneurs, chemist Otto Röhm and businessman Otto Haas, established a partnership in Esslingen... more>>
si Readers
Going Back Home Dr. Bobby Mitra’s strong case for India as a strong market for U.S. returnees is a compelling article.... more>>
Personal Finance
si Team
WHO: KUNAL KAPOOR, editor of Morningstar's Morningstar Mutual Funds, a semi-monthly newsletter. Prior to this, he was a mutual... more>>
Rahul Chandran
FOR A LINGUISTICS STUDENT FROM JAWAHARLAL Nehru University's class of 1975, Ghanshyam Dass, Director South Asia, NASDAQ, has... more>>
Vickram Swamy
Sivaramakichenane Somasegar began his career at Microsoft on Jan. 23, 1989 as a software design engineer in the OS/2 group. He... more>>
In Focus
si Team
The NASA’s failed flight on 02-01-2003 lost seven astronauts. Among the seven was Dr. Kalpana Chawla, astronaut. This... more>>
si Team
Global financial institutions will pump in $350 billion in the next five years in India for offshore business. Of this, 60... more>>
si Team
A small leftist party in India's communist bastion West Bengal has just hit upon a novel way of registering protest. By... more>>
Editor's Desk
Harvi Sachar
I have yet to meet a professional who is happy to lose his/her job. When a leading business daily carries the cover story, "Is... more>>
Last Word
Kunwar Natwar Singh
Natwar Singh served the prestigious Indian Foreign Service for over three decades and resigned from the service to contest... more>>