January-2010  issue
Cover Story
Author: Vimali Swamy
To his competitors, Sujal Patel is now a name to reckon with. His company Isilon Systems, in the clustered storage space, has not only earned its position as the fastest growing technology company in North America, but in the five years... more>>
In My Opinion
Ajit Balakrishnan
With mobile phones experiencing a phenomenal growth in India, I see it as an emerging device for Internet access that will... more>>
CEO Spotlight
Steve Sanghi
The user interaction becomes the best mantra for any electronic manufacturing firm to stay ahead in the game, facilitated by... more>>
Prakash Agarwal
There is a continual growth in the Semiconductor industry, however, it is one-sided. The opportunities for new players with... more>>
Sai Gundavelli
A decade from now corporate IT will look very different from today. All organizations will buy nearly all their computer... more>>
Niraj Tenany
Today’s internet-savvy customers look everywhere for essential information that will enable them to make smart buying... more>>
Murli Thirumale
Enterprise storage vendors have to adapt quickly to two changes. Firstly, adopt the technologies of Solid state devices (SSDs),... more>>
Sathvik Krishnamurthy
Sophisticated data breaches have made consumers more data security savvy as they contend with a barrage of hackers who have... more>>
Eureka Bharali
A focused goal will have several stones on the way, and the one who is prepared for them, luck will curve those stones into... more>>
Ravi Subramanian
The semiconductor industry’s recovery is underway. After floating many predictions of 30 percent declines expected for the... more>>
Viswanath Poosala (Vishy)
A few decades ago, India was seen as a producer of finished goods for the international market, or if we put it bluntly, we... more>>
Arun Balakrishnan
Arriving at the valuation of an internet startup is considered as an art, which is perhaps the best mask for the cluelessness... more>>
Amit Goel
The Operations Support Systems (OSS) are computer systems used predominantly by telecommunication service providers. The term... more>>
Tarun Handa
1. Entertainment to Infotainment & Beyond Today Entertainment category of VAS contributes the highest share in any Indian... more>>
Frank Gillett
With "cloud," technology marketers are faced with the highest level of hype since the Internet pioneer days in the late 1990s.... more>>
Satyam Priyadarshy
Web 1.0 and Web 2.0 are important transforming agents of health care and public health, their power and capabilities are... more>>
Raj Tumuluri
The keyboard and mouse as input devices have revolutionized the computer interaction for decades now. Perhaps, nothing could... more>>
Aashu Virmani
It has been touted as the next big thing in the telecom world to connect the 4 billion strong telco user-community and provide... more>>
Entrepreneurial Lessons
Ajay Jain
Today’s tough economy and financial outlook provides a sobering reminder that an abundance of capital (as was the case... more>>
VC Chakra
si Team
gWallet, a virtual currency platform for social media, has received $10.5 million in new funding, bringing the total funding to... more>>
si Team
Atul Jain founded TEOCO (The Employee Owned Company) has raised $60 million from TA Associates, a private equity firm. TEOCO is... more>>
Bidhan Parmar
A basic feature of human social groups is hierarchy and authority. Families, religious groups, governments, and businesses all... more>>
VC talk
Anurakt Jain
DFJ focuses on two broad investment themes in India: the first focuses on the customer-led demand space, which includes sectors... more>>
Naimish Patel
Despite recent trends in the global macro-economic environment, bandwidth demand continues to double every 18 months, driven by... more>>
In Focus
si Team
Pankaj Sarma (name changed), Associate Professor with an Indian business school, earns Rs. 1 lakh every month for evaluating... more>>
si Team
Indian space agency is expected to take major step in January 2010 towards realizing its next generation rocket by... more>>
si Team
Indian women may not have proportionate representation in companies, but they are better off than women elsewhere. About 11... more>>
si Team
With cellphones gaining popularity with each passing day, new innovations can lead to faster adoption of this device among the... more>>
Entrepreneur 101
Gunjan Sinha
As we get into a holiday season, and see the New Year come forward with all its promise of happiness and prosperity, many of us... more>>
Editor's Desk
Pradeep Shankar
As the New Year dawns it is quite normal for one to make new resolutions and look at the trends that are going to pan out in... more>>
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